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PETUNIA, FIRE CHIEF 1st All-America Gold Medal Winner in Eleven Years

Price 50 cts. packet; 5 for $2 Amateur packet 25 cts.

\T’S Perfection SEE

Zot 2.0 |: WILLIAM M. HUNT & COMPANY, Inc.

Consolidated with J. M. THORBURN and COMPANY Supplying Gardens for Over a Century

115 West 45th St. NEW YORK 19, N. Y.

Telephone: LUxemburg 2-1597



vegetable gardens will undoubtedly be a big factor in holding the line against high food cost. Past experience has proved to thousands of families that it is possible to have more and fresher green vegetables at less cost when a home garden is planted and tended through the season. Those who had Victory gardens during the war and afterward have learned that even a small plot of ground can produce an amazing quantity. Because of the enormous amount of seed sent abroad by the Government, certain kinds of seed are in short supply this year. We therefore

repeat our advice to order at once, so as not to be disappointed. -

Our Perfection Seeds are new. tested strains from the best American and British SOUIcES. We pledge you our fullest codperation in filling your order promptly the same day it is received if cash accompanies it. ORDER EARLY to be sure of getting the varieties you prefer.

PHONE NUMBER: LUxemburg 2-1597


Almost invariably all Seed Orders are shipped the same day as received!

TERMS. Prices quoted are net. For cash with order we prepay transportation on seeds to any point in the United States.

Upon delivery of goods by us to the carrier, owner- ship passes to the purchaser; when the carrier issues a receipt, our responsibility ceases. Claims for loss or damage should be made to the agent at point of delivery.

_EARLY ORDERING. Your codperation is in- vited by placing orders early; this will aid us in pre- paring for the spring trade and facilitate delivery at proper time.

Ask for our special order form for large orders.

PRICES on Bulbs, Seeds, Plants, and Supplies

are subject to market, tariff, and currency changes.

SUBSTITUTES. Should the stock of any variety ordered be exhausted, we shall, to save delay, send in its place the most suitable substitute, unless instructed to the contrary.

RECOMMENDATIONS. We are indeed grate- ful to our customers who recommend us to their friends and we will at once forward our catalog to these friends whose names and addresses are given to us.

NON-WARRANTY. We give no warranty, express or implied, as to the productiveness of any seeds we sell and we will not be in any way responsible for the crop. Our liability in all instances is limited to the purchase price of the seeds.


January 1950


Contains Fancy Red Top, Kentucky Blue, Colonial Bent, Perennial Rye Grasses

An acre requires 200 pounds of seed, or 1 pound to each 160 square feet. For renovating use half this quantity

Harrow or rake the ground lightly, and roll with a heavy roller

An ideal selection of many kinds of grass is offered in this seed mixture. In fact, representative types have been selected to provide a rich green lawn of even texture throughout the year. The early-maturing type insures a solid mass of green for the spring and early summer months. As the season progresses the Jate kinds maintain the vigor of the turf, giving a permanent foundation to the Iawn. ‘To overcome the dry conditions of midsummer only varieties with deep moisture-holding roots have been included. They need only a minimum of water to maintain their even green richness throughout the growing season.

Lb. $1.60; 2 lbs. $3; 5 Ibs. $7; 20 Ibs. $26; 100 Ibs. $120

EROSION NETS. These Nets, 14 inch square, hold the seed and soil firmly

in place and are almost indispensable for use on terraces. Easy to use and

can be moved readily when grass has become established. One width only— 45 inches. Full roll of 250 yds. $56

pain ean a a WILLIAM M. HUNT & CO., Inc., 115 West 45th St., New York 19, N. Y. 8

Hunt’s Lawn Grass Mixtures

Prospect Park Mixture

Contains Fancy Red Top, Kentucky Blue, New Zealand Fescue, Domestic Rye

This mixture is made of the finest grasses specially adapted for lawns. With proper care of the soil beforehand, it will produce a rich, velvety lawn in four to six weeks, which will remain green throughout the year.

Lb. $1.30; 2 lbs. $2.50; 5 lbs. $5.50; 20 lbs. $20; 100 Ibs. $95

Hunt's Popular Mixture

Contains Fancy Red Top, Domestic Rye, Kentucky Blue, New Zealand Fescue

This mixture has been prepared to meet the demand for lawn seed lower in price than the Perfection or Prospect Park Mixtures, but which will produce a satisfactory lawn the first season after planting. Popular Lawn Grass Mixture is especially prepared for sunny loca- tions and is not recommended for shady situa- tions.

Lb. $1; 2 Ibs. $1.90; 5 Ibs. $4.50; 20 Ibs. $17.50; 100 Ibs. $85


A mixture of fine grasses high in both purity and germination, specially suited for renovat- ing old Jawns. Will produce a rich and lasting turf. Sow at the rate of 3 pounds per 100 square feet.

Lb. $1.30; 2 lbs. $2.50; 5 Ibs. $5.50; 20 Ibs. $20; 100 Ibs. $95


Will produce a rich and lasting turf. This mixture is a combination of fine stoloniferous grasses that will make a quick, strong growth, taking a firm hold of the soil and preventing washing away by heavy rains.

Lb. $1.50; 2 Ibs. $2.75; 5 Ibs. $6.50; 20 Ibs. $24; 100 lbs. $110

Grass Seeds sent prepaid to any address for Cash with order

S hady Lawn Mixture

Contains Fancy Red Top, Rough Blue Grass, English Rve Grass, Chewing’s New Zealand Fescue

This mixture is a combination of dwarf- growing grasses which thrive in shaded places. It quickly produces an abundant and even growth of lovely green grass where ordinary lawn seed mixtures are failures. Situations under trees are a challenge to the lawn-maker, and this mixture has been con pounded to meet that challenge.

Lb. $1.60; 2 lbs. $3; 5 lbs. $7; 20 Ibs. $26; 100 Ibs. $120


Composed chiefly of the best varieties of Bent grasses, but contains other hardier grasses to produce a lawn of fine texture not so susceptible to disease and attack by in- sects as pure Bent. Sow at the rate of 1 pound to each 300 square feet.

10 lbs. $16; 25 Ibs. $38.50; 100 Ibs. $150

WILLIAM M. HUNT & CO., Inc., 115 West 45th St., New York 19, N. Y.


Kentucky Blue Grass. Especially useful forlawns, meadows, and rich lands. Sow 70 pounds per acre

for lawns, 40 pounds for pasture. 5 lbs. $7.50; 100 lbs. $120

Red Top, Fancy or Recleaned. Splendid for lawns. 5 lbs. $7; 100 lbs. $120

Excellent for fairways and

5 lbs. $5; 100 lbs. $90

Creeping Red Fescue. Excellent for putting- greens, also for sowing 1n shady places and on

sandy soil. Lb. $1.25; 10 lbs. $11; 100 lbs. $97.50

Colonial Bent (Agrostis tenuis). Grown in New Zealand. Desirable for putting-greens. 5 lbs. $8.50; 100 Ibs. $160

Chewing’s Fescue. putting-greens.


Seaside Bent, Coos County (Agrostis palustris). 5 Ibs. $9; 100 Ibs. $170

Astoria Bent (Agrostis tenuis Var.).

5 lbs. $9.50; 100 Ibs. $180

English Rye Grass. Very nutritious, valuable for meadows and pistures. Sow 60 pounds to the acre.

5 lbs. $2.50; 100 Ibs. $40

Domestic Rye Grass. Thrives in any soil and yields early and abundant crops. Valuable for pasture mixtures. Sow 50 pounds per acre.

5 lbs. $2; 100 lbs. $30

Timothy. If used alone, sow 30 pounds to the acre. 5 lbs. $3.75; 100 lbs. $60


Alfalfa (Lucerne). Requires a deep, rich soil. Sow

20 to 25 pounds per acre. 5 lbs. $6; 100 Ibs. $110

Alfalfa, Northern. Very hardy and productive. 5 lbs. $7; 100 lbs. $120

Alsike Clover. Thrives well in cold, wet, and stiff

soils. Sow 10 pounds per acre if used alone. 5 Ibs. $5; 100 Ibs. $85

Crimson. An annual variety for feeding green and for hay. Sow 15 to 20 pounds per acre. 5 lbs. $3; 100 lbs. $50

Large Red or Pea Vine Clover. The English Cow Grass for plowing under. Sow 15 pounds per acre.

5 Ibs. $5.50; 100 Ibs. $95

Medium Red Clover. Considered most nutritious of all species; best in moist locations. Sow in

spring or fall, 20 pounds per acre. 5 lbs. $5.50; 100 Ibs. $95

Sweet Clover, Bokhara. Especially suitabie for bees; also used as a fertilizer.

5 Ibs. $3.50; 100 Ibs. $50

White Clover for Lawns. Specially selected seed of high purity, valuable for lawns. Sow in the spring at the rate of 4 pounds per acre when used

with other grasses. Lb. $2; 5 lbs. $9 Wild White Clover. Alb. $1.50; Ib. $2.25

Ladino White Clover. Alb. $2; lb. $3.50; 5 lbs. $16

Farm and Field Seeds

All Farm Seeds subject to market changes


Sow 1 bushel (48 lbs.) of seed to the acre

Japanese. Early and productive. 100 Ibs. $11

Silverhull. Light gray grain. 100 Ibs. $11


For grain, sow 1 bushel (56 lbs.) of seed to the acre; for forage or soiling 11/2 bushels

Winter. Very heavy cropper, producing 25 to 45 bushels to the acre. Bus. $6; 5 bus. $25 Spring. Bus. $6

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WILLIAM M. HUNT & CO., Inc., 115 West 45th St., New York 19, N. Y.


Hunt’s Perfection Vegetable Seeds

All seeds sent prepaid to any address for cash with order

In spite of the fact that the commercial gardener can usually supply most vegetables during the summer at less than what it costs the consumer in time and labor to raise them himself, market vege- tables, no matter how expeditiously and scientifically marketed, are never as good as those grown in the home-garden.

Besides, there is always the added spice of triumphant achievement in producing the vegetables for family use from the home plot.

If there is space, such crops as mature underground—potatoes, turnips, parsnips, carrots, and so on—can be grown cheaply in quantity, and may be stored in the cellar in autumn and kept until wanted for use. Garden space and garden enthusiasm are all that are needed to produce greate1 quantities of those staple things of better quality.

Please order your seeds early. The use of our special order form will assist us, and expedite delivery.

All seed orders shipped the same day as received.


Set out in April, in rows 2 feet apart, plant 144 feet apart in the row, and 6 inches below surface. In small gardens, two and three-year plants are pre- ferred to seed, as they are easier to handle and bring quicker results.

Washington. A practically rustproof variety that produces large, luscious, dark green stalks of finest quality.

Choice 1-year roots, $5.00 per 100 Strong 2-year roots, $6.50 per 100 Extra-strong 3-year roots, $9 per 100


Chou Vert Frise Col Grun Kobl One ounce of seed will sow 100 feet of drill Sow seed 1% to 1 inch deep, in rows 1% to 2 feet apart, and thin plants to stand 2 feet apart. Bore- cole is always improved in quality by mild early autumn frosts. Sowings should therefore be made in May and the plants transplanted in July.

Dwarf Green Curled Scotch. Very dwarf and spreading. Pkt. 15 cts.; goz. 35 cts.; oz. 60 cts.

Tall Green Curled Scotch. Heavy cropping sort. Pkt. 15 cts.; Iyoz. 35 cts.; oz. 60 cts.


Chou de Bruxelles Berza de Bruselas Rosenkobl One ounce of seed will produce 1500 plants

Sow seed in April in seed-beds, transplanting afterward into rows 2 feet apart, and cultivate like cabbage.

Standard prices, all varieties, pkt. 15 cts.; Il,oz. 50 cts.; oz. 90 cts.

GIANT EXHIBITION. Produces an abundant

crop of delicious solid Sprouts which mature very early. 120 days.

Prolific Exhibition. Very fine, even-shaped Sprouts of good size and flavor. 110 days.


This vegetable 1s similar to cauliflower but of less delicate flavor. Itis hardier, and of earliest culture.

Standard prices, all varieties, pkt. 15 cts.; hoz. 60 cts.; oz. $1

Green Calabrese. Delicious flavor. 85 days. Italian Green Sprouting Propageno. 80 days.

6 WILLIAM M. HUNT & CO., Inc., 115 West 45th St., New York 19, N. Y.



Beans, particularly the bush varieties, are one of the most satisfactory vegetables to grow. They adapt themselves to practically any condition of soil, succeeding particularly well in the virgin soil of newly made gardens. Successive sowings should be made throughout the season. Those not wanted for immediate use may be canned or allowed to ripen and dry for winter use. Black Valentine Stringless, Masterpiece, and Golden Wax carry our highest recommendations.

Sow about May 1, in drills 2 inches deep; and 114 to 2 feet apart. Drop the Beans 3 inches apart, and cover not more than 2 inches. Sow every two weeks, up to the end of July, for a succession.

Haricots Nains Frijoles

Dwarf or Bush Beans One pound (or pint) of seed will sow 50 feet of drill Standard prices, all varieties, except where

noted, Alb. 40 cts.; Ib. 65 cts.; 5 lbs. $3; 10 Ibs. $5.50

Black Valentine Stringless. Long, round, solid pods. Heavy cropper. For forcing or garden. 50 days.

Bountiful. Reliable and adapted to both heavy and light soils; good alike for market, home use, and for freezing. One of the best green-podded

sorts. Early and prolific; long green, flat pods. 48 days. Keystonian. Dark green pods 6 inches long.

Round, solid, fine-grained flesh of superior quality. Its combined productiveness, hardiness, high quality, and adaptability to various locations has made it a general favorite. 52 days.

Mammoth Stringless Green-Pod. Large, hand- some pods. One of the best early varieties. 51 days.

Masterpiece. Plants robust in constitution and the long pods are straight, handsome, and tender; unusually productive. 53 days. Lb. $1; 5 Ibs. $4.50.

Plentiful. Black-seeded. All-America Winner. The pods are long, thick and flat, slightly curved; 8 inches long, fairly smooth, stringless and of good quality. Very early. 51 days.

Tendergreen. Plants are vigorous in habit, erect, and very prolific, producing Beans 6 to 7 inches long, round, straight, and’stringless. 54 days.

The Prince. One of the finest Beans ever intro- duced. Matures very early and bears enormous crops. Pods are stringless, of fine flavor. 10 to 11 inches in Iength. 56 days. Lb. $1; 5 lbs. $4.50.

Wax-Podded Dwarf Beans

Standard prices, all varieties, 12]b. 50 cts.; lb. 80 cts.; 5 Ibs. $3.50

Golden Wax, Improved. Very early. Flat pods, stringless and tender. 50 days.

Surecrop Stringless Wax. Bears handsome rich yellow pods slightly curved; 7 inches in length; 14 inch wide. Meaty and sweet. 53 days.

Wardwell’s Dwarf Kidney Wax. Early and crisp. Produces a heavy crop. 52 days.

Vegetable Seeds sent postpaid to any address for cash with order


Pole Lima Beans Two pounds (or quart) of seed will sow 100 hills

Standard prices, all varieties, 14lb. 50 cts.; Ib. 80 cts.; 5 Ibs. $3.50

Burpee’s Giant-podded. Best for homes, market and freezing. The Beans are large and thick. Productive. 92 days.

Dreer’s Improved (Challenger). Early and heavy cropper of excellent quality. 90 days.

Sunnybrook. The Beans are thick and meaty. 94 davs.

Bean Poles (Cedar). 10 ft. Heavy; pointed.

$25 per 100

Bush Lima Beans

Lima Beans should not be planted until all danger from frost is past. Sow bush varieties in drills 2 feet apart, the Beans about 6 inches apart, and cover about 2 inches. For Pole Limas, allow 5 Beans to a hill; plant seed eyes down, 2 inches deep.

Two pounds (or quart) of seed will sow 100 feet of drill Standard prices, all varieties, 14lb. 45 cts.; Ib. 75 cts.; 5 Ibs. $3.25 Burpee’s Improved Bush. Pods are enormous,

often measuring 5 to 6 inches. Very productive.

75 days.

Baby Fordhook. Small-seeded Lima Bean of splendid quality. Height 14 inches, pods 3 inches long. Suitable for all purposes. 70 days.

Fordhook Bush. Immense pods and Beans of delicious flavor. 75 days.

Henderson’s Bush. Early and heavy cropper. Small Beans of fine quality. 65 days.

Pole Beans, Green-Podded

Pole Beans make ideal ornamental vines on trellises or arches adjacent to the vegetable garden. Try the Scarlet Runner in this way, if opportunity comes.

Standard prices, all varieties, \lb. 45 cts.;

lb. 80 cts. Kentucky Wonder (Old Homestead). Long, green, and round. Excellent flavor. 68 days.

Scarlet Runner. Produces a heavy crop of tender, stringless, delicious Beans. 65 days.

BEANS, Tendergreen

a sense reer

WILLIAM M. HUNT & CO., Inc., 115 West 45th St., New York 19, N. Y. 7


Betterave Remolacha Salatrube One ounce of seed will sow 50 feet of drill; 5 to 6 pounds, an acre

Sow as early in the spring as the ground can be worked, and every two weeks after, for a succession up to the first week of July. Soil should be light, sandy loam, well enriched with manure. Sow tin drills, 15 inches apart, and thin out to 4 inches.

Standard prices, all varieties, pkt. 15 cts.; oz. 30 cts.; I4lb. 75 cts.; Ib. $2.75

Early Dark-Leaved Globe. Has a dark leaf like decorative strains. It is a main-crop Beet of excellent keeping qualities. 58 days.

Crimson Globe. Fine, globular shape; flesh rich, very tender and sweet. One of the best for an early crop. 58 days.

Crosby’s Egyptian. Rapid grower; sow outside as late as July. Dark blood-red. 56 days.

Egyptian. Extra early. Flat; deep red; tender and sweet. 60 days.

Early Wonder. Semi-globe-shaped, about 3 inches in diameter. Small top and thin tapered root. Dark red skin and flesh. Very early. Popular Beet for canning or cooking whole. 55 days.

Giant Winter Keeper. Remains solid and tender all summer as well as when stored. 80 days.

Detroit Dark Red. Very early. Sweet and tender. 60 days.


Six to 8 pounds of seed will sow an acre

Giant Intermediate.

Alb. 90 cts.; lb. $1.50; 5 Ibs. $7 Mammoth Long Red.

Alb. 90 cts.; lb. $1.50; 5 Ibs. $7

SWISS CHARD, Lucullus. Large, dark green leaves; white ribs. May be used as spinach. Pkt. 15 cts.; oz. 35 cts.; 14lb. 80 cts.

RHUBARB CHARD. 60 days. A Swiss Chard that looks Itke Rhubarb. Bright, delicate, translucent crimson. Easily grown, thrives everywhere.

Pkt. 15 cts.; oz. 40 cts.


Chou Fleur Coliflor Blumenkobl One ounce of seed will produce 2000 plants

For early varieties, sow seed in hotbeds during January or February, transplant 2 to 3 inches apart, to flats or coldframes and set out In open ground 214 feet apart as soon as weather Is suitable. Thrives best in loamy soil. Water freely during dry spells. For late Cauliflower give same treatment as late cabbage.

Standard prices, all varieties, pkt. 25 cts.; lZoz. $1; 140z. $1.50 Dry Weather. Heads grow to a very large size, are solid, pure white, and of delicious flavor. 90 days.

Extra-Early Snowball. The best for forcing under glass or for open ground. Extremely dwarf, early, producing wonderful white heads. 82 days.

Improved Erfurt. One of the earliest and most desirable small-leaved, dwarf varieties. 85 days.

Early Purple Head. Head same shape as ordinary Cauliflower, but dark purple on the top. Very easy of cultiv ation, plants being large and robust: makes a fine tight head which does not require any tying. Ready for use late August and Sep- tember. 94 days.



Zanaboria Mobre One ounce 2) seed will sow 100 feet of drill; 4 pounds, an acre Sow seed in light sandy soil, from April to July, in drills 114 feet apart, covering the seed 14 inch deep. Thin out to 3 to 5inches apart. Cultivate freely and do not allow the soil to get too dry during hot weather.

Standard prices, all varieties, pkt. 15 cts.; oz. 50 cts.; 14lb. $1.75; Ib. $5

Scarlet Intermediate. In color, quality, and shape cannot be excelled. Splendid cropper and good keeper. 70 days.

California Bunching. A well-shaped Carrot, 1144 inches thick by 8 inches in length. 72 days.

Chantenay Half-Long Scarlet. Orange-red, stump-rooted variety, with broad shoulder. 70



Danvers Half-Long. Handsome, large, smooth, rich orange-red Carrot with little core. 75 days.

Early French Forcing. Its small, mild-flavored, globe-shaped roots make an elegant and delicious side dish. 65 days.

Early Scarlet Horn. A round stump-rooted variety which produces a heavy early crop. Splendid

flavor and very tender. 60 days.

Guerande (Oxheart). Animmense cropper. Espe- cially suited to hard soils. 70 days.

Half-Long Nantes (Coreless). A popular French

sort adapted to shallow soils. 70 days. Imperator. An exceptionally heavy cropper. Rich orange-red, always smooth and tender. Ideal bunching Carrot. 74 days. Long Red Surrey. Heavy cropper of first-rate quality. 82 days.


Chou Col repollo Kopfkobl

One ounce of seed will produce about 1500 heads; 8 ounces will sow an acre

For plants of early kinds, sow seed in January under glass, and prick out into flats about 2 inches apart. Transplant to open ground as early in the spring as the soil can be prepared, setting 1% feet to 2 feet apart, in rows, which should be 3 feet apart. Cultivate frequently, and during dry weather water copiously. Late Cabbage seed should be sown in drills in open ground during April and May, and transplanted in June or July. Fertilize heavily, us- ing 400 pounds Nitrate of Soda per acre in three dressings, one-third when plants are set out, and two-thirds a month apart later.

Standard prices, all varieties and Savoys, pkt. 15 cts.; Woz. 45 cts.; oz. 75 cts.; 14lb. $2.50

Dwarf Earliest. A conical-shaped Cabbage of very dwarf habit. Delicate in flavor, very tender, and quick to mature. 59 days.

Autumn King. Large, ae heads with closely set leaves of fine quality; good keeper. 65 days.

Copenhagen Market. The earliest round variety and the largest. 69 days.

Danish Ballhead. Medium size; few outer leaves; good keeper. 70 days.

Early Jersey Wakefield. Heads conical, solid, with few outer leaves. 62 days

Charleston Wakefield. Head heart-shaped, 8 inches long, 7 inches broad at base. A popular first-early variety. 72 days.

Premium Flat Dutch. The heads are flat and grow remarkably large. 84 days.

Men aoue Rock Red. Round, solid heads.


SAVOY, American Drumhead. Unsurpassed for winter use. Large, late, and finely curled. 90 days.

Savoy, Perfection. Largely grown for New York market. 90 days.


8 WILLIAM M. HUNT & CO., Inc., 115 West 45th St., New York 19, N. Y.

CABBAGE, Copenhagen Market Pkt. 15 cts.; oz. 45 cts.; oz. 75 cts.

BEANS, Bountiful. Yglb. 40 cts.; IDsOn'Cts:. = 11 DSao5

BEET, Detroit Dark Red. Pkt. 15 cts.; oz. 30 cts.; I4lb. 75 cts.

CARROT, Scarlet Intermediate. Pkt. 15 cts.; oz. 50 cts.; 141b. $1.75

BROCCOLI, Italian Green Sprouung Pkt. 15 cts.; 1402. 60 cts.; oz. $1 a ce ee ee Te Rae a a a SS SSE EN SSE SE SESS TIS

WILLIAM M. HUNT & CO., Inc., 115 West 45th St., New York 19, N. Y. 9

CORN, Golden Cross Bantam 14lb. 30 cts.; Ylb. 50 cts.; lb. 85 cts.

CELERY, Cornell No. 19


Aptos One ounce of seed will produce 3000 plants

For earliest crop, sow in February under glass or in heated frames. Prick out on bottom heat when ready, and transplant to trenches in May or June. For main crop sow in March and continue up to July. When plants are large enough, transplant to trenches, preparing same with good rich loam. Water freely during July and August. It is essential to place at least 3 to 4 inches of rotted manure in the bottom cf the trenches before setting out plants. Without it, dwarf, stunted plants invariably result.

Standard prices, all varieties, pkt. 15 cts.; 14,0z. 75 cts.; oz. $1.2

Cornell 19. The best yellow Celery. Flesh is thick, tender, and stringless. Unequaled for main crop and storage. 130 days.

Easy Blanching. Second-early Celery. Solid, pure white, crisp, of extra-fine flavor. 120 days.

Giant Pascal. Solid and crisp; golden yellow heart; rich nutty flavor. Easily blanched. 135 days.

Golden Self-blanching. Crisp; tender. 112 days.

Utah (Golden Crisp). Excellent for fall or winter. Plants are compact, stalks broad and thick, ex- ceptionally solid, and when blanched are pure white, crisp, and delicious. 130 days.

White Plume. A valuable early variety unsur- passed for fall and winter use. 110 days.

Winter Queen. Very large and solid. Excellent for keeping. 120 days.

CELERIAC, Large Erfurt (Turnip-rooted Cel- ery). Forsoups. 120 days. Pkt. 15cts.; oz. $1.50


Cerfeuirl Perifello Kerbel

Curled. For flavoring. Greenhouse saved seed. Pkt. 15 cts.; oz. 75 cts.

Celerz Sellerie



One pound of seed will sow 300 feet of drill, or 200 to 300 hills

Like Peas, Sweet Corn is at its best when served within a few minutes after picking. Plant in rich, warm soil, in hills 2 to 3 feet apart, in rows 3 feet apart for early kinds and 4 feet apart for late sorts. Sow about mid-May and continue fortnightly until the middle of July.

Mais Korn

Golden Midget (Mason’s). Plants grow no higher than 31% feet, and produce golden yel- low ears 4 to 5 inches Jong. Kernels are of delicious flavor. Matures in 55 days.

Pkt. 20 cts.; oz. 35 cts.; 14]b. 75 cts.

Hybrid Varieties

Golden Cross Bantam. Outstanding sort, show- ing remarkable resistance to wilt. Stalks are sturdy, ears 7 inches long, maturing In 88 days.

Lincoln. Large ears 9 inches long, with 16 rows of bright golden kernels of superb quality. 6 feet tall. Recommended for freezing, home and market use. 85 days.

Marcross. A fine development from the Connecti- cut Experimental Station. Very early, producing pale yellow ears 7 to 8 inches long. Height 6 feet, resistant to wilt. 75 days.

Stowell’s Evergreen Hybrid. Ears 8 _ inches long, with white tender sweet kernels. 90 days. Spancross. Ears are 7 inches long, well filled with golden yellow kernels. Earliest of all hybrids.

71 days.

Top Flight Bantam. Deep creamy yellow ears, 9 inches, of finest quality. 84 days.

Standard prices, above hybrid varieties, I4lb. 30 cts., I2lb. 50 cts., lb. 85 cts.

Standard Sorts

All varieties, 14lb. 20 cts.; I4lb. 35 cts.; - 50 cts.

Country Gentleman. Best for midseason. Sweet, tender and milky. 94 days.

Golden Bantam. Extra early. Very sweet and tender; yellow. 80 days.

Whipple’s Early Yellow. matures in about 80 days.

Corn Salad (Fetticus)

Mache Macha o Valerianilla Ackersalat

Large seeded; large-leaved. Thrifty large-growing sort with thick leaves of mild flavor. Pkt. 15 cts.; oz. 75 cts.


One ounce of seed will sow 150 feet of drill Extra Curled. Splendid for salads and garnishing. Pkt. 15 cts.; oz. 50 cts.; 14lb. $1.50

Water Cress. Pkt. 20 cts.; 40z. 75 cts.; oz. $1.25 Upland or Land Cress. Succeeds in dry soils. Pkt. 15 cts.; oz. 50 cts.


Chicoree Achicoria Witloof (French Endive). The _ stalks

blanched are used for salad. 110 days. Pkt. 15 cts.; oz. 50 cts.; oz. 75 cts.

Prolific and vigorous;


Vegetable Seeds sent postpaid to any address for cash with order

10 WILLIAM M. HUNT & CO., Inc., 115 West 45th St., New York 19, N. Y.


Concombre Pepino Gurke One ounce of seed will sow 50 hills; 2 pounds, an acre

Sow outdoor varieties early in spring, in hotbeds, and transplant to open ground when weather is suitable. For later crop, sow seed when weather be- comes settled, in hills 3 to 4 feet apart. They require a warm, rich soil, and should be watered liberally.

Standard prices, all varieties, pkt. 15 cts.; oz. 40 cts.; 14lb. $1.25

A & C. Very popular. 8 to 9 inches. 68 days.

Black Diamond (Stays-green). “It Stays Green.” Fruits grow 714 to 81% inches long, straight, blunt-ended; deep green skin. The flesh is pure white, refreshing and tasty. Matures in 54 days.

Boston Pickling. Suitable for pickling or slicing. 55 days.

Cubit. Dark green. 8 inches. 70 days.

Davis’ Perfect. Fruits are long and slim, very tender, and of fine flavor. 60 days. Fordhook Famous. Dark green fruits. Vigorous

and productive. 60 days. Long Green. Dark green; long and crisp. 60 days.

nese raise Gherkin. Very small. Used for pickles. ays.

English Forcing Cucumbers (Greenhouse-grown Seed) Sutton’s Delicacy. The best Cucumber for green-

house culture. Fruits are dark green, well shaped and 16 to 18 inches long. Splendid flavor. Pkt. $1.

Telegraph. A Cucumber of fine shape. Very pro- Iifie. Quick in growth. Pkt. 75 cts. Aubergine Berengena Everpflanze

One ounce of seed will produce atout 1000 plants Sow in mild heat, about mid-March, and trans- plant June 1, setting the plants 214 feet apart. Standard prices, all varieties, pkt. 15 cts.; I4Zoz. 75 cts.; oz. $1.25 Black Beauty. Large, round, deep purple fruits. Very early. 73 days.

New York Spineless. Early and productive. 76 days. Chicoree Escarola o Endivia Endidien

One ounce of seed will sow 100 feet of drill Sow about the middle of April, in rows 114 feet apart, and thin out to about 9 inches apart.

Broad-leaved (Escarolle). Leaves long, broad, and succulent. A fine variety for winter salads. 70 days. Pkt. 15 cts.; oz. 40 cts.; 141b. $1.25

Green Curled. Standard variety for fall and winter

crop. 65 days. Pkt. 15 cts.; oz. 35 cts.; 14lb. $1

KOHLRABI Chou- Rave Colinabo Koblrabi One ounce of seed will sow 100 feet of drill Drill seeds in rows about 15 inches apart in May, and thin out to about 9 inches apart.

Short-leaved White Vienna. Mild and delicate. 55 days. Early Purple Vienna. Good all-round sort. 52 days

Each variety, pkt. 15 cts.; oz. 55 cts.; oz. $1


Poireau Puerr One ounce of seed will sow 100 feet of drill

Sow in April and transplant tn July into trenches of well-manured soil, about 20 inches between the plants. In warm weather, apply liquid manure.

Any variety, pkt. 15 cts.; oz. 55 cts.; oz. $1 LYON EXHIBITION. This is undoubtedly the largest of all Leeks. Flavor mild. 125 days. American Flag, or Broad London. Mildly flavored thick stems of excellent quality. The white portion extends well up the stalks. 125 days.


Musselburgh (Scotch). Large and extra-ftne. 110 days. Laitue Lecbhuga Lattich

One ounce of seed will produce 2000 plants Sow the seed in hotbeds during February until the middle of March, afterward pricking off into fats or coldframes, leaving about 6 to 8 inches be- tween the plants. As soon as weather becomes suit- able, transfer to open ground and set out in rows 1 foot apart, leaving 9 inches between plants. Standard prices, all varieties, except where noted, pkt. 15 cts.; 4oz. 25 cts.; oz. 40 cts.; IA4lb. $1

BRONZE BEAUTY The Winner of the Bronze Medal in the 1947 All-America Selections. Tender, crisp and of unusually tasty, nut-like flavor. Easy and quick

to grow; usually ready for table 40 days after

sowing. Ruddy bronze color. Pkt. 15 cts.; 4o0z. 50 cts.; oz. 75 cts.

Big Boston. Very large heads of excellent flavor. Fine for forcing in coldframes or open ground.

Black-seeded Simpson. Produces large masses of curly, crisp leaves. Tender; of good flavor.

Great Lakes. Especially valuable for summer, as it stands heat and sun. Heads are small and some- what flat. The leaves fold completely over the heads, which are solid before they attain full size. 90 days. Pkt. 15 cts.; oz. 75 cts.

Grand Rapids Forcing. Large, crisp, tender, early bunching variety.

Iceberg. Splendid crisp sort. the heat as well as Iceberg.

Matchless. Splendid flavor. Excellent for hot weather. A cross between Cos and Cabbage Lettuce. Pkt. 25 cts.; oz. $1.50

May King. Extra-large, round, solid, very tender heads. 75 days.

New York Giant. Bleaches naturally. crisp, tender. 83 days.

Summer Triumph (Oakleaf). Produces loose, crisp heads of deliciously flavored Lettuce.

Pkt. 15 cts.; oz. 60 cts.

White Big Boston. Bright green outer leaves en-

closing solid light green head.

Few Lettuces resist


Romaine or Cos Lettuce Paris White Cos. Upright in growth; color pale

green. Pkt. 15 cts.; oz. 50 cts. Self-folding. Crisp, dwarf and compact. Very sweet. Pkt. 25 cts.; oz. $1 Moutarde Mostaza Senfkraut

White London. Leaves used for salad. 40 days, Oz. 25 cts.; 14lb. 75 cts.

All seeds sent postpaid to any address for cash with order

WILLIAM M. HUNT & CO., Inc., 115 West 45th St., New York 19, N. Y.



Melon Muscade Melon Muscatel One ounce of seed will sow 50 hills; 2 to 3 pounds, an acre in hills Seed should be planted in rich, sandy soil about the first week in May. Place ten seeds in hills about 5 feet apart each way; thin out to three or four. Standard prices, all varieties, pkt. 15 cts.; oz. 40 cts. Emerald Gem. Dark green skin; flesh orange, very sweet. 90 days. Hale’s Best. Oval-shaped, orange-fleshed melon. Delicious, sweet, and firm. Hearts of Gold. Delicate [uscious salmon flesh. Medium size. Honeydew. White skin; flesh green, thick, sweet. Rocky Ford. Oval; flesh thick, green, very sweet.


English Muskmelon

Cotting’s Hybrid. Very large, of handsome shape, with deep golden flesh rich in flavor; for green- house. Pktis75 cts.3.0 for-oz2


Melon d’Eau Zandia Wasser Melone One ounce of seed will sow 25 hills Treat similar to muskmelon, except that they should be planted out in hills 8 to 10 feet apart. Standard prices, all varieties, pkt. 15 cts.; oz. 35 cts.

Cole’s Early. Medium size; green skin; red flesh. Kleckley’s Sweet. Sweet and fine flavored.

Mountain Sweet (Stone). A popular, round variety with grayish green skin. Very sweet. 90 days.

Tom Watson. Perhaps the best shipping Water- melon. Deep red, firm flesh of rich flavor. Ex- ceptionally large. 95 days.

Onion Sets Lb. 10 Ibs. Red Onion Sets-2..4.05.45.- 2 $0 60 $4 50 White: Onion:Sets 427-5 60 4 50 Yellow. Onion pets. 3-2) 60 4 50 Yellow Ebenezer. ................ 60 4 50 Shallots: 203 eee eee 100 750 Garlick 2 oa ee eee 1 00

Strong clumps, $5 per doz.

Chives (Seeds)

Perennial. The tops are used for giving a mild onion-like flavor to soups, stews, etc. Grows 6 inches high. 80 days. Pkt. 15 cts.; 140z. 60 cts.


Combaud Quimbombo Essbarer Hibiscus One ounce of seed will plant 40 feet of drill Sow seed early in May, in rows 3 feet apart and 2 inches deep. Thin out to about 1 foot apart. Standard prices, all varieties, pkt. 15 cts.; oz. 25 cts.; 14lb. 60 cts. Dwarf Green. Early. Short, thick pods. 50 days. Long Green. Very productive. 52 days.

White Velvet. Tender, long white pods. 54 days.



Oignon Cebolla Zwiebe One ounce of seed will sow 100 feet of drill; 4 to 5 pounds, an acre As early as soil can be worked In spring, sow the seeds thinly in drills 1 foot apart, and cover lightly, later thinning out to about 6 Inches apart in the row. The soil must be well fertilized. In hot weather, water frequently. Plant Onion sets as early as your ground will permit. Standard prices, all varieties, pkt. 15 cts.; IZoz. 60 cts.; oz. $1; Alb. $3 Ailsa Craig. [Extra-selected strain. Flesh white. 115 days. Gigantic Gilbraltar. Very large; handsome, globu- lar shape; light straw-color. 112 days. Large Red Wethersfield. A large, rather strongly flavored Onion; an excellent keeper. 112 days. Prizetaker. Immense, globular, yellow; flesh white. 110 days. Southport Red Globe. Globe-shaped, medium- sized; keeps well. Excellent quality. 115 days. Southport White Globe. Globe-shaped; flesh firm, fine-grained, mild, pure white. 112 days. White Portugal or Silver Skin. Early; mild flavor. 105 days.

White Sweet Spanish. Pure white; large size; mild flavor; solid and crisp. 100 days.

Yellow Danvers. Early; good keeper. 110 days.

Yellow Globe Danvers. Globular shape; keeps well. 102 days.

White Bunching. Seed sown In spring will produce mild scallions in early fall. 120 days.


Peril Petersilie

One ounce of seed will sow 100 feet of drill

Sow seed thinly in beds any time from February until the end of May. Soak seed thoroughly in water before sowing. Standard prices, all varieties, except where

noted, pkt. 15 cts.; oz. 40 cts.; \4lb. $1

Exhibition Green Gem. Rich deep green. 72 days. Triple Moss-Curled. Immensely double, compact

leaves. 70 days. Hamburg. Turnip-rooted. Specially for soup

flavoring. 90 days. Pkt. 15 cts.; oz. 35 cts.


Panais Chirivia Pastinake One ounce of seed will sow 100 feet of drill; 5 pounds, an acre Sow the seed as soon as season will permit, in drills about 2 feet apart, and thin plants out to 1 foot apart in the row. The ground should be deeply trenched and well manured. American Hollow Crown. milky white. 100 days. Pkt. 15 cts.; oz. 40 cts.; 14lb. $1.25


Piment Pimiento Pfeffer One ounce of seed will produce about 2000 plants Standard prices, all varieties, pkt. 15 cts.; Loz. 70 cts.; oz. $1.25 California Wonder. Thick walls; sweet, tender and good flavor. Glossy green; bright crimson when ripe. Unsurpassed for baking. 75 days.

Chinese Giant. Bright scarlet; mild and sweet. 70 days.

Large Bell (Bull-Nose). Large, early, bright red, mild variety. 72 days.

Long Red Cayenne. Very hot. Easily dried for winter use. 72 days.

Ruby King. Bright red; flesh thick, mild. 68 days.

Sweet Mountain. Very large, mild and sweet. 70 days.

World Beater. One of the largest and best. Deep green, turning to scarlet-red. 75 days.


Long, smooth, and

All seeds sent postpaid to any address for cash with order

Nn ee EIRENE pun UUNASUUESlsauusunmsiaissunsemsmemssccmaeneeeemianmmemenmma sea eeree ese e 12 WILLIAM M. HUNT & CO., Inc., 115 West 45th St., New York 19, N. Y.

ONION, Yellow Globe Danvers PEL <CtS-38/4025- O00) CtS 3 0Z. 01 - IA4lb. $3

LETTUCE, Big Boston Pkt. 15 cts.; 140z. 25 cts.; oz. 40 cts.

TURNIP, Purple-Top White Globe Pkt. 15 cts:.; 0z