The work of reconstruction has begun. On the ashes of the old Astoria a new Astoria will rise. Eut it's a big job and it needs stout hearts, strong wills and willinghands, and we have them all.

With the conflagration still raging, the work of organizing for relief work and to put in effect the first measures necessary to meet the emergency was begun. ., de

__ Relief headquarters weré opened before noon in the YMCA building which was one..of the, few to escape the flames. With an impromptu committee headed by Rev. W. @. Gilbert of the Pres byterian church and composed of: numbers of ather prominent ee citizens, machinery. was at: once put into motion to provide food ea shelter: for the homeless and:relief. for all those in need of Lt.

Mayor Bremner before 11, 0'clock had sent out the call for 4 general mass meeting of business men at the city hall, another of the few buildings spared, for 2 otclock. At la meeting of the emergency committee was held at the ¥ and determined upon a course of action but, before announcing anything to the public, wishes to submit its decisions to the mayor's mass meeting’ in order that there may be no conflict,

Seaside Opens Homes

A delegation of Seaside residents were over early to notify the relief committee that the Seaside Hotel is being opened and will offer shelter for all those in-Astoria who are homeless, A free bus will leave the Y li Cc A building and all those wishing to go to Seaside are requested to call, at .~phe Y, vt

Portland was on the job early with@Parers of help. Not only was fire apparatus dispatched down here, but the Chamber of Commerce loaded. trucks with provisions and started them down the highway. The. state hotel association authorized an appropriation of $5000 for relief work ana other contributions are. being sent to the mayor.

Budget Bulletins

The Budget, like almost every other buginess institution, suffered the loss of its plant but it opened offices in the YMCA ‘early in the afternoon and will issue mimeograph bulletins from time to timé simply as a means of keeping the vublic informed of what is going on, what measures are being put into effect, what co-operation is ‘expected from the general public.

Insurance is 0 K

T6 rélieve:the anxiety of many people whose insurance policies were lost in the fires, J. T. Allen, insurance man, announces that all policies will be effective xegardless of whether or not ‘they were‘saved from the flames. G. G. Pauling makes a similar announcement; and says no ohe ‘should worry. : a

Morris Staples Dead "

Adding to the tragedy of, the occasion was the sudden death from heart failure of Norris Staples, president of the Bank of Commerce and of the Staples Motor Co. He was helping push one of his automobiles along the ‘street to the zone of safety when he suddenly rell forward on’ the pavement. His son and Lloyd Van Dusen, who were assisting him, immediately secured Dr, Waffle

but ir. Staples expired within a few minutes.

Reports that W. H. Fellman and Brenham Van Dusen died are unfounded. The report that liel Callendar suffered the loss of an ear is likewise untrue. A man suffered a broken leg from being © struck by a plank during the blasting. The body of a suicice was found hanging by the neck on the Sanborn docks but his identity has not been established,

Watch for future bulietins.

: Pome ag em Tots Le TS Dhoainy

si ¢ BVO nec sucpet” t RS ie Hire Bobletin Wo.) aa Q.45.P dislec. Us aoe) WE, MEGE YE S

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whee apt

At the ‘vaass. meeting eal” od etek aayon' et 216" .gléck, the generat, welfare re.ief committee, already named by the verious wel~ fase organizations.and d, churches, WES. cont ined TAs Se! ‘petineneas:

committee: witli Reve. Ss Gilkeri: @p chair: “Upon ‘aitthority voted nim, he inereegsed his commistee to 50 and will add as many moze. as desired..- A- meeting of this; committee. witds be held atiill - o'clock hanomnow RORPIS CAE bin ie rise tp take. Surther’ actions:

Nay ut fn uy : «Peedquante xe: “03 oy Bhe B. Bae a wild continue: tos be’) hhedéquarters for the cormittee- and ail. inquiries: sheuidsbe taken: theres ys Ale cabs appli- cations for relief and alt, PORE LOMO Ree SORE PHaL ORE wal, :Me Pepeeree theP OR ass 2) 3 : SE Eston ee ee dpe. tee On gaith lc konica nae tees

fea? Bar ae V6 te te. ; i pet fa sas wen, D2 oo , cae ?


ee i

Pym deg The

peal The. front room of the. bs ‘wis’ 3 ‘Sanking: “hea Vaquarters presided over “py a" bankers? bureau, Ce Re Bi geins',, chairwah,,, ae i Committee | Wall. O'K applicat ions. for. credit at - wholesale’ houses; ands

other places: Daw supply Pein 19 money - ‘being available, checks. cannot be” cashed)’ put. these’ credit, ecreder.tials fro... - the. banking’ cori tiee wilt, Pe. specepted. as, ‘brace. C2 rehanj GRASe ecacceat pret oP 2 sas Ox OL a 6 hae y Shei Th ee ic } + Wt Sener spits nevis? Suvplies

H. B. Hughes is chairman of a! comfttec for distribution of supplies and Wit,, pens,¢e.neecy., .He has deen, given pean tart 4o° draw on telier.z funtis.. bo pyrehas 2. GRY Supplies needed,’ coe’ ‘Bee “Barehey’ will, assist, hate ith ac a tale oY a. GbenNy ES Are

Clothing Supplies

.., GFace Williams, secretary of the, ¥ W, is head of a committee to supply. elothiqg t.0 thadée needing. it. ani Hileecn, Wialker, .county NUPSe, . wild’ have’ charge.,. of, issuing aL, POGUE BRELERS nee supplies.

tg Bee pe “Many “Relis? Offors”

Offers of relief are pouring in. ‘“ae Red Cross of Portland dispatched.a carload,of supplies oy.a special train at 2 this afterngon, ‘The. western .branch of .the. Red. axyancisco has ‘authorized. an Anvestigation and. stands. ready ey supply any. . assistance neéded,, Portland has’ ‘a6 luged., Astoria with - offers, of any Yelief’ needéd - and: Mayor. Baker is enroute. . sheré .t0, “oonddct. a era fivestigation. President Waterhouse of the Seattle , Chambex:. of Commerce wired an offér of sympathy and ary needed assistance.”

_ We Pe O'Brien of the Astoria. .Box,.C0,, has donated 300 cords of spruce wood and Austin Osburn has ‘donated acarload. Cc. W, epee yhes Pek area weod and the use of his trucks. The S“P&-S. has xed its depot and.goaches for,.temporary housing and. pe Mers oF ye tq aul -all Nomeless perpie (porsese2 te where: the ¢ hotel and gottagés ,are ready for - ‘Qe clapamaye ies pst Tea LE!

H. R: Hoefler has opened his big home asa téinp orary hospital and the high school is;being used by the Sisters of St Mary's Hospital temporarily fox the accomodation of patients,

. Fe Kankkonen - announces that -the Wilson; shipyards Will. -%e open for the storage -cr aut omoniles, and he: has: hae: eee bg cand a mess house where stoves cen be: yet DW ce: Seattle

~~" R. Barker er. the -CRPA has: placed: the: phise ste Sicubias: and Reuce at the disposal of the committee. ‘for use my sccdhodating homeless. .

The. Dixie Baking: co of: Portiend has sent a truck’ reall of bread down for distribution and Mr. Heynes of that company is here personally to give aid. He- went throuna *he San FFancisco fire,

The Hammond Limber Cv has placed the Halco hotel at the dispos2i of the committee for housing and storage purposes,

Sherman Level] ganeviuens that the Lovell garage, which escaped the fire, iii be evoilebie for a receiving and distrib.

Doing Aspot. . > a ; , crs ees eS

Evening Budget rire Bulletin No. 3 Friday, December 8, 1922

Fire Area Patrolled

Chief of Police Carlson has 100 epentey deputies encircling the fire area and forbids any person to go near the burned over territory. This is a protection to those who have valuables in the ruins.. ¢

Sternest: measures will be used against any person apprehended stealing or committing other lawlessness,

. All soft: drink parlors have been ordered: closed by the police after. nen e ta

Nurses Wanted-

Miss Walker, county health ‘nurse, asks that all married nurses report’ to her at the ¥Y MC A this evening if possible, nurse needed. for tonight. ie

Train. Schedule

“Trains for Portland leave thé’ depot on schedule time and will leave for Seaside: on schedule ‘time from the port docks. Stages for Seaside leave Arlington' Hotel: on llth. Seaside hotel is open to homeless:free of chaig¢e.

Buriness Men's Meeting

Acting President Drake of the Chamber of Commerce has called a meeting ofall persons whose businesses were burned out at the court house at 9-in the morning to discuss plans for building a bigger, better and more beautiful Astoria. Let's Go.

State headquarters of thé ‘#merican Legion in Portland have wired Commander Murphey of the local post asking wnat they can do LOY US;°:

The w c-T U has chai ‘ge or" pongo ae fre 36° lunches: ‘in‘the base ment .of the .Y-If-0 “A.

All churches and. schodéls gente ‘been opened: up’ to the public’ for whatever uses necessary.

Seaside ‘If yor Offers Aad.

Mayor E. lL Hurd, of Seaside, who was ineluded among the many scores of people from the beach city who came to Astoria this morning during the fire, stated that his community stands ready to offer the homeless people and other victims of the fire every assistance possible. Similar assistance has been proffered by Mayor Frank Warren, of Warrent on-

Evening Budget Fire Bulletin No.. 4 Friday December 8,. 1922

_ Hospital. Patients Removed Safely.

One of the Renton tasks in connection with the fire this morning but one which was” successfully and quickly accomplished, was the removal-to safety’ in temporary wards at the Astoria High School ae of: apprommarely. 100° patients, ‘many of ‘them Lata: ) | % piace inen and women! patients. in the: hospital were sabviea from

% Sixteenth and Commercial streets and in’ ambulances and ‘private cars, conveyed to the high school where members of the medical fraternity of this city administered to their comfort, materially assisting the Sisters of St«

Marys to make their wards comfortable in the improvised quarters. dni for. me future care of the’ sick people are yesHe worked out.

Bread Comes ‘from Portland,

“Wore than’ 200 loaves of bread Peon the Dixie Baking Company of: Portland arrived in t he eity® of the niooh train. Approximately eL0o loaves will come in’ on thé trains reaching here at 5 o'clock and 10:20 o'clock this evening, it was announced by H.

H. Haynes: and Cc. =. Foster; owiers of*the local Dixie bakery burned this morning, who Srrived in’ Astoria at noon in response

to a message telling them of thé ‘holocaust here, sent them by Robert F. Moore, manager of the local bakery. This bread is being distributed this afternoon to the stores that remain standing including the Chinese stores on Bond Street, Kellys at Eine. and Gemarreial arid others where it may A obtained, |

List ‘Your ‘Spare Rooms.

; gets rooms’ will be needed “by” the General Relief Commitee: to’ house ‘the local citizens wh'dse ‘homes and apartments were destroyed, If you will-have-a“spare room for one: day, ‘séVeral - days,’ a week or a month, please list it at once at the headquarters of ‘thé committee at the Y I-¢°A, corner ‘22th and Exchange Streets. » Those men ‘or women. who’ wilt volunteer their services in the Fertor work are asked to- port.


Pare 117 Newell Street , Walla Walla, Wash.

September 29, 1972


The Daily Astorian 987 Duane Street Astoria, Oregon

Dear Sir,

Recently I was sorting through some papers belonging to my late grandfather, Lee Drake, and came across the enclosed bulletins. At the time of the Astoria fire, he was a partner in the Evening Budget and President of the Astoria Chamber of Commerce,

I would like to give these bulletins to the historical group that maintains the Flavel House but have no idea how to reach them.

I would appreciate it very much if you could see that these papers get to them. My grandfather often spoke of the fire and expres— sed great pride in the community spirit that enabled the town to weather the disaster. These bulletins reflect this spirit and I feel that they should belong to the local museum

Thank you very much,

Sincerely, Be

Mrs, Jerralee Drake Lyman