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i i a tt Peer. sce i, Saar hee eu a Ae ange


The R. M. Pitts Agencies

R. MILTON PITTS, Manager, Res. Phone 7455


Insurance in All its Branches

Fire, Automobile, Hail, Liability, Casualty, Tornado, Plate Glass, etc.


American Home Fire Assurance Company Baloise Fire Insurance Company

General Insurance Company of America Lumbermens Mutual Casualty Company General Casualty Company

Economical Mutual Fire Insurance’ Company Gore District’ Mutual Fire Insurance Company Portage la Prairie Mutual Insurance Company National Retailers Mutual Insurance Company Western Union ‘Insurance Company

“INSURANCE” is our BUSINESS Not a Sideline

Royal Bank Building Phone 2233



rf oe ie tig 7% SPECIAL ADVERTISING DEPARTMENT 3 _ Campbee Wilson & WMiillar een Limited 5 Established 1882 os _ Wholesale Grocers and importers ey

| DISTRIBUTORS ORC ore ue “ROYAL SHIELD” Brand of Pure Food Products

‘Teas, Coffees, Baking Powder, Extracts, Spikes, Jelly Powders

ee SE PHONES: es Clty Orders, 2151 . Gonerat Office, 2152 Manager’s Office, 3238 Long Distance, 6236 Be os 261 First Avenue North ©

as Hazen-Twiss Limited Books, Stationery and Office Supplies

3) Distributors in Saskatchewan for

ee - Edison-Dick Mimeographs, Elliott Addressing Machines, Beit Visible Record haa Sees _ Ediphone Dictating Machines.

a Phone 5505 i “corner Third Avenue and Twenty-second St.

The W. re Cleveland Lumber Co. Ltd. oie | Lamber, Shingles, Oak Flooring ae inky a ay Builders’ Supplies C. Coal and Wood

a 3 ere ate _ Office and Yard: | | : 120 Avene A'South Phone 53

ey Reference Library

- Henderson’ S$ Directories of Western Canada

hagas ae the benefit of our Subscribers and the General Public—are. to be found at all

ms / Public | Libraries in the West 396.

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Saskatoon Star-Phoentx

YOUR Daily Newspaper

All the Local News . « « Provincial News... «

A.P., C.P. and Special News Dispatches .. .

Top Ranking Corres- pondents At Home and Abroad .. 0.2 au 8

Surveys - Features... Live Comics .... «=







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iJ bree) * Leaks PS at

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- ~ eee ehh

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as o ~~ pes Oo ; Ge 6 e a.) i Ben © a Spa @ - me)

your customers move each year and new

ones move into your _ district. An advertise-

‘mentin the City Direc- ‘tory will enable new

~ customers in your dis-

trict to find you

i H enderson Directories Ltd.

Directory Reference Library

Henderson’s Directories

of Western Canada

—for the benefit of our Subscribers and

the General Public—are to be found at all ©

Public Libraries in the West

Directory Advertising



Think It Over

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: f Dae aot a REE WPA, FD

Henderson’ Ss



Directory 1944



Classified Business Directory and Buyers’ Guide


VOLUME. AXVITI. Price $10.00

The Wartime Prices and Trade Board Permit No. 388 E.


Henderson Directories Limited

279 Garry Street, Winnipeg

Copyright, Canada, 1944, by Henderson Directories Limited, 279 Garry St,, Winnipeg


The present volume constitutes the 1944 edition of Henderson’s Directory of Saskatoon. The work embodies a complete epitome of the civic, commercial, social, and industrial interests and activities of the municipality. It is a modern Directory in all its parts and includes all the essential features which have been proven so satisfactory to our patrons in previous issues; these have been retained and amplified, and improvements have been added as suggested by experience in order to add to the value and usefulness of the Directory thus fully meeting the requirements of patrons; the approbation and continued patronage accorded the work are constant incentives to better service.

The publication has had the benefit and advantage of the complete organiza- tion and resources of the publishers, and of the skill and experience of their corps of enumerators and compilers added to the courteous co-operation of citizens, in the production of the volume.

To save paper it has been necessary to condense the information by changing the streets to three colums, and also increasing the number of names on the page of the alphabetical section. ‘This has been done to comply with provision of Order No. 295 of the Wartime Prices & Trade Board.


THE STREET AND AVENUE GUIDE starting on page 73 features the names of all streets and avenues arranged alphabetically and numerically, giving the location, number on the street and showing the occupant.

The intersecting streets are shown in the order that they come.

% Denotes that there is a Telephone in the house.


THE ALPHABETICAL LIST OF NAMES of citizens, business firms and cor- porations starts on page 131.


THE CLASSIFIED DIRECTORY at the end of Book, and exhibits the various manufacturing, mercantile, and professional names, compiled under headings appropriate to the class of industry or profession followed.

SASKATOON POPULATION Ration Books distributed March 27th to April 17th 1944, were 45 210. 1941 Dominion Census 43,027.


An important function of the Directory is to set forth the characteristics and advantages of the city as a place of residence, as a business location, as an in- dustrial site, and as an educational centre. The Directory acts as a mirror, reflect- ing all that is noteworthy in the city in the above respects. In order to spread this information regarding the city broadcast over the country, the publishers have placed copies of this issue of the Directory in the directory libraries, where they are readily available for reference use by the public. There they serve as perpetual advertisements of Saskatoon, for business men the country over realize that the City Directory represents the community as it really is.

The publishers take this opportunity of thanking the citizens for valuable assistance rendered in the way of furnishing information concerning themselves, their friends and their business interests for this Directory, and also the public- spirited and progressive business and professional men for support given in the way of patronage.


August, 1944.



Albert Park

Ashworth Holmes Park, Ave. E North nr 30 Street

Avalon Park

Buena Vista Park, 6 Street East bet. Melrose and Victoria

Cairns Field Park, e s Avenue A North

mecor. 209 Street

Central Park

City Park, s s Queen Street nr Spadina Crescent

Coronation Park, bet. Broadway Bridge and 25 Street Bridge

Cumberland Park

Dominion Park

East Park, e s Avenue H South

Exhibition Park


PUBLIC SCHOOLS Office Building: 321 21 Street East Chairman of Board—A. W. Heise W. E. Brunskill Russell Hartney, A. J. Irving, J. H. Lathey, W. B. Francis, EK. W. Griffiths Secretary—S. E. Fitzgerald Treasurer—Francis F. Bates Superintendent of ae Schools—C. A. Oulton, M.A. LL.D Superintendent’s McLeod

Attendance Officer—Hubert Middleton

Medical Department Doctor—Griffith Binning, M.D. Dentist—J. H. Dougall, D.D.S., L.D.S. Nurses—Jean MacCallum, Gudrun A.

Johannson, and Laura L. Reynolds.

acetate Mies 1D LE GF,

SCHOOLS Albert School—Clarence Avenue L. C. Filby, B.Se., M.Ed., principal Buena Vista School—Lorne Ave. G. R. Clark, M.A., principal Caswell School—Avenue B and 30 St.

Alexander McKinnon, M.A., principal Haultain School—Albert Ave. Miss J. V. Miners, B.A., M.Ed., principal King Edward School—Southeast corner OL Oity Park. Burton Hamilton, B.As, B.Ed., principal King George School—Avenue K South, Roderick McLeod, B.Sc., M.Ed., prin. Mayfair School—Ave. E North, Arth. D. Thomson, M.A., B.Ed., principal North Park School—Balmoral St. Pleasant Hill School—Avenue T South. S. B. Trerice, M.A., principal Princess Alexandra School—20th St. W. H. HE. Carrier, B.A., principal Sutherland School—Sutherland. A. Clare Hume, B.A., B.Ed., principal Thornton School—Lorne Ave. Tempo- rarily occupied as a military hospital. Victoria School—Broadway, bet 11 and Posts. wo. eHamilton,, BAS) Bd. principal Westmount School—400 block Avenue J North. J. M. Singleton, B.A., principal Wilson School—Duke St. R. A. Downey, B.A., principal

Idylwyld Park

Lief Hrikson Park

Mayfair Football Grounds Ave. G@ aot 32 Street West.

Poplar Crescent Park

President Murray Park

River Bank Park

Riverside Park

Royal Park

St. Andrew’s Park

Saskatoon Swimming Pool, South and 12 St

Victoria Park, e s Avenue H and 12 St.

Wellington Park

Westfield Park

Westside Park, Avenue K South bet, 18 and 19 Streets West

Wilson Park


Trustee Board (Collegiate Institutes) Office: 321 21st St. E:

Chairman—Prof. E. A. Hardy

W. W. Ashley, Aden Bowman, Catterall, C. W. McCool, K.C.

Avenue H



Nutana Collegiate Institute—11 St. and Victoria Avenue G. A. Bonney, M.A., principal. M. J. Sexsmith, B.A., vice- principal

Bedford Road Collegiate Institute—Ave. G and Bedford Road.

Principal—J. R. MacKay, B.A. Vice-Principal—J. H. MacLennan, B.A

City Park Collegiate Institute—9 Ave. Principal—R. N. Anderson, B-A. 7

Technical Collegiate Institute—Spadina Crescent Regular three-year courses are given

in commercial work, home economics,

and industrial work, along with all subjects requisite for higher academic pursuits.

Principal—R. McGregor, B.A, BE, Vice-Principals—J. L. McKinnon, B.A., and R. V. Humphries, B.A.



Chairman—M. C. Geary, 706 King St. Secretary-Treasurer—P. R. Hartney, iOffice 326 Avenue A South

St. Mary’s School—w s Ave. 0 south of 12 Street West Principal—E. D .Feehan, B.A.

St. Paul’s School—22 Street East corner 5 Ave. N. Principal—Sister Kathleena

St. Joseph’s School—Broadway and 8 St. East. Principal—Sister Winifred.


Hebrew School—135-139 Avenue F South Principal—Abraham Wolk.

Greek Catholic School—202 Ave M South Ukrainian Institute 401 Main Street (Nutana) J. H. Syrnick, prin and mgr

Provincial Normal School Wilson’s School. Principal—c. P. Seeley, M.A.


SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF 221 Cumberland The School for the Deaf is a provin- cial school for children of good mental-

ity who are too deaf to attend public schools.

Any deaf child in Saskatchewan be- tween the ages of six and eighteen is eligible for admission.

Bursar—C. W. Downer Chief Supervisor—R. J. D. Williams Acting Supt.—T. W. H. Williams

ST. ANDREW’sS COLLEGE 1121 College Drive

United Church of Canada. In affiliation of University of Saskatchewan.

University of


The University is situated on the east side of the south branch of the Saskat- chewan River. Its site comprises 1,600 acres. About 300 acres, with frontage of over half a mile on the river, have been set apart for a campus.


The Hon. A. P. MacNab, Lieutenant- Governor of Saskatchewan


The Hon. Mr. Justice P. E. MacKenzie, B.A., LL.B.


The Rev. James Thomson, M.A., D.D., F.R.S.C., L.8.D.


The Hon. Mr. Justice Donald B.Se., LL.B.


Members Ex Officio

The Hon. Mr. Justice P. E. MacKenzie, B.A., LL.B., Chancellor of the Univ- ersity.

James S. Thomson, M.A., D.D., F.R.S.C., L.S.D., President of the University. The University Council consists of the President, Deans, Professors and Ass- istant Professors of the University.

REGISTRAR Archibald R. Weir, B.A., Registrar to the University. BURSAR

Dugald J. Graham, Bursar to the Univ- ersity.

4a Principal—Rev.. D. ‘S. Dix, «MeA., Php; DADs Rev. M. F. Munro, B-A., D.D., Professor of Old Testament and Practical Theo- logy, Religious Education, and Bursar Rev. J. B. -Corston, “MeA:; sPhD. Pros fessor of New Testament (Leave of absence on-A-S)

Rev: R. S. Schnell, M.A., lecturer . Sub-Staff George Suti, Janitor

Eva Harris, Housekeeper

ST. THOMAS MORE COLLEGE 1437 College Drive

Principal—Rev. Henry Carr



Blizabeth Stormont, Domestic Sunetien tendent.


J. F. C. Anderson, M.D., Medical Officer to the University.


Professor W. BH. Lovell, Superintendent of Buildings.

EMMANUEL COLLEGE 1387 College Drive

In Affiliation with the University of Saskatchewan.

The College provides: (1) A pass course leading to the Testamur, (2) a course leading to the Licentiate of Theology, and (3) a course leading to the Degree of Bachelor of Divinity. Principal—Rev. S. C. Steer, M.A., B.D. Registrar—Rev. R. M. Millman, M.A.,

JE 1):


Highth St. (Nutana)

President and Dean—Rev. N. Willison, Ar ane led tubes


President—Rev. J. Lavik, M.A., D.D.

Professors—Rev. I. Iverson, Ph.D., Rev. Nw Willison, B.A, “B.D. litt. 2 De eke BE. Gomann,~ M.As Sil De) Reveemes Kleiner

Churches and Places of Worship


Synod Office Diocese of a acdtooe een REV NW. Lee alam sOySODss Wie gel. Clare, sec.-treas., 59, 158 2 Ave. N.

- All Saints—Lorne Ave. cor. 1st Street. Rev. Prof. R. M. Millman, rector

All Saints Parish Hall—1807 Lorne

Christ Church—608 Avenue F North. Rev. H. Bowles, rector

Holy Trinity Pleasant Hill—19 St W. and Avenue T South. Rev; LW. Howarth, priest-in-charge


Rugby Chapel—1337 College Drive

St. George’s—624 Ave. I South. Canon A. E. Greenhalgh, rector

St. James—(Nutana) cor. Dufferin Ave. and 12th St. Rev Canon R. K; Samp- son, rector

St. John’s Cathedral—328 Spadina (Cres. East. Very Rev. W E Fuller, Dean of the Cathedral

St. Mark’s Church—810 Osborne. T. W. Howarth, priest in charge

St. Matthew’s—es Egbert Ave. (Suther- land.) Rev. R. S. Newman, rector


: Baptist

Calvary Regular Baptist—336 Avenue I South. Rev. EK. P. Laws, pastor.

Emmanuel Baptist—339 Avenue I South Rev. Duncan J. McNabb, pastor

First Baptist—Meets First Presbyterian Church. Rev. Horace West, pastor

Regular Baptist Mission for New Cana- dians—410 Avenue W South.

Russian Baptist Church—19 Street W. corner Avenue I,

Christian Science

First Church of Christ—525 24 St. (Reading Room 406 Avenue Bldg.


Augustiana Lutheran 1203 Broadway. Rev. A. A. Nelson, pastor i St. Paul‘s Evangelical—1020 Dufferin. Rev. Ph Fry, pastor

Zion—503 11 Street cor Eastlake Ave. Rev. J. R. Lavik. pastor

Trinity Lutheran Church Avenue E North and Bedford Rd. Rev A. Goos, pastor


Greek Orthodox

Greek Orthodox Chruch—310 Avenue P South

Hebrew Jewish Synagogue—138 Avenue F South


Free Methodist Church—500 Main. Rev. C. A. Garrett, pastor


Mayfair—429 34th St. W.

Parkview—Rev. J. M. Young, 821 Avenue E North

St. Andrew’s—4 Ave. and 20 Street E. Rev. John Hardwick, minister

Thornton—Meets in Thornton School.

»~Roman Catholic

Rectory—106 5 Ave. Right Rev. P. F. Pocock, Bishop of Saskatoon

Eglise Saints Martyrs Can. (R.C.)—616 Spadina Crescent E. Rev. Father R. L Demers. :

St. Joseph’s Cathedral—Broadway cor. 8th Street East. Father L. Sweeney, parish priest

St. Mary’s Church—227 Avenue O South Rev. Leo Sexsmith, rector

St. Paul’s—Spadina Cres. cor. 22 St. HE. Very Rev. J. O’Leary, Dean

Sutherland Church 136 Central Ave. (Sutherland)


United United Church of Canada —201 C P R Bldg. Rev. Dr. J. L. Nicol, Superin- tendent of Missions. : Bethel—909 5 St. Rev. D. H. Marshall, supervising minister.

Grace United—505 10 St. Rev. Mc- Donald, minister

Knox United—838 Spadina Crescent E. Rev. Robert Hall, minister

Mayfair United—338rd St. W. cor. Ave E. North. Rev. R. J. Smith, minister

St. Paul’s United—n. s. 10 Street near Egbert (Sutherland). Rev A. EH. Elliott, minister

St. Thomas-Wesley United—233 Avenue H South. Rev. G. P. Forsey, minister

Second Street United—-211 2nd Street.

Third Avenue United—24 Street and 3 Avenue North. Rev. G. Stanley Pack- ham, B.A., minister

Westminster United—Eastlake Avenue and 12 St. Rev. Arth. Moore, minister

Saskatchewan Conference of Seventh Day Adventists 4038, 135 21st Street East President—Rev. S. G. White Miscellaneous Bethel Bible Instiute—806 Ave. A North British Israel World Federation—51l1 4 Avenue North Christian & Missionary Alliance—Rev. H. L. Heppner, pastor, Victoria School Church of God—Rev. Kowalko, pastor

510 29 Street West

Church of the Nazarene—233 Avenue E North. Rev. Arnold EH. Airhart, pastor

Blim Tabernacle—Avenue A and 25 St. Rev. W. H. Found, pastor

Full Gospel Mission—905 20th St. West. P. R. Kabanuk, pastor

Gospel Chapel—639 University Drive. Thomas Elliott, pastor

Gospel Hall—Avenue B and 25 Street.

Mennonite Brethern Church—25 St. and Avenue C North. Rev. H. S. Rempel, minister

Mennonite Church—123 4 Ave. North. Rev. J. J. Thiessen, minister

Mormon Church—Meets in Oddfellows ae G 2s Ss.

People’s Church Legion Hall—Rev. C. P. Bradley, minister

Pleasant Hill Mission—s. s. 19th St W. west of Avenue T South

Re-organized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints—639 Main Street.

Rosicrucian Fellowship Centre—1150 Ave. L South. Wm. G. Rolfe, leader

Russian Orthodox Church—312 Ave. I South

St. George’s Greek Catholic Church—206 Avenue M South. Rev. W. Firman, pastor.

St. James Haultain Mission—1001 4 St

Saskatoon Bible College—205 24 St. W. Rev. Richard J. Nixon, superintendent

Unity Centre —Meets at Canada Bldg.

University Drive Church of Christ—639 University Drive.

Wesley Apostolic Church—333 Ave. G South. Rev. R. E. S. Toms, pastor

Miscellaneous Information

SASKATOON BOARD OF TRADE Office: Mezzanine Floor Bessborough

Hotel. Phone 5122

President—S. E. Lancefield

Vice-President—W H Byers

Treasurer—R. McRae

Commissioner—S. N. MacEachern ~

Representatives from Young Men’s Sec- tion—G.° McCaul and E. J. Goos

Representatives from Municipality of Cory—P. Holland

Representatives from City Council—W. N. Stewart: K.C., and A. J. E.. Sumner


Executive, Young Men’s Section President—G. McCaul, Phone 7670.

Vice-Presidents—Charles Steele and HE. J. Goos

Secretary—Marion Landes Treasurer—Wm Brown

Army & Navy Veterans Associations 109, 130 21st Street Hast

President—Alex. Cooper

Manager—A. R. Peterson

Boy Scouts Association District Commissioner—A, Cuthbert

British & Foreign Bible Society © 250 2 Avenue South

District Sectretary—Rev. L. W. Schnell, BOAT BD

Canadian Legion of the British Empire Service League

315 19 Street Hast

President—J. V. Ritchie Secretary—E. J. Scott-Dudley

Canadian National Institute for Blind 206 C P R Building Executive Officer—M. I. Nicolson

z Children’s Aid Society Office: Library Building, 23 St, E. Shelter: Kilburn Ave. and 6 Street President—J. G. Cooper Treasurer—W. W. Ashley Secretary—A. Stephen Wright Asst. Secretary—Alexander N. Broome

Elks Club Meets 730 Spadina Crescent East. Secretary—R. Stanley Bradbrooke

Family Welfare Association 55 York Block

Military Institute of Saskatoon 152 Spadina Crescent Hast President—Lt.-'Col R. W. Stayner D.S.O. Secretary—Lt. A. J. E. Sumner

National Conservative Party 207-9, 135 21st Street East

College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan 404 Birks Building Registrar—Dr. A. W. Argue

Nurses Central Registry 412, 116 3rd Avenue South Registrar—Margaret Urton

St. John Ambulance Association City Hall President—A. W. Heise Secretary—A. Banfield, 1219 Avenue B North

Saskatoon Arena Ltd.

Managing Secretary—R. J. Couch, 19 Street Hast

' Saskatoon Dairy Co-Operative Marketing Association, Limited 209 Avenue # North President—C. T. Gooding

Saskatoon Industrial Exhibition Association, Ltd. Office: Bessborough Hotel, Phone 2600. President and Honorary a J. W. G MacHwan Secretary—Mrs, Letta Walsh Superintendent of Grounds—M. P. Neilly

Saskatchewan Teachers Federation 201 Bank of Montreal Building President—W. S. Lloyd, Biggar, Sask. Secretary—J. H. Cumming Saskatchewan Anti-Tuberculosis League Fort Qu’Appelle Managing Director—Dr R Geo Ferguson Saskatoon Railway Mail Clerks

Association P O Building

Secretary—Charles Spooner

Saskatoon Community Chest 273 2 Avenue South President—Mrs. C. K. Langford Executive Director—Geo. E. McLellan

Saskatoon Council of Social Agencies 273 2 Avenue ‘South Executive Director—Geo. E .McLellan

President—J. R. MacKay


Saskatchewan Winter Fair, Saskatoon Office: Bessborough Hotel Manager—Prof. J. W. G. MacEwan

SERVICE CLUBS Kinsmen Club President—L. F. Furse Secretary—Orm Gartry, ographers Ltd. Meets every Monday night at 6.15 at Bessborough Hotel.

Kiwanis Club

President—J. H. LaRoche


Secretary—Carl Palmer, Canadian Na- tinoal Express. Meets every Tuesday at 12.15 at Bessborough Hotel.

Lions Club President—Dr. R. T. Atkinson Secretary Warden Cudmore, General

Motors Products. Meets every Monday at King George Hotel.

Gyro Club Presdent< Frank Saunders

Secretary—Gordon Scott, Scott Business.

College. Meets every Thursday at 6.15 at Bessborough Hotel. ; Rotary Club ;

President—W. H. Byers

Secretary—H. E. Carrier, Princess

School. Meets every Monday at 12.15

at Bessborough Hotel

Cosmopolitan Club Re President—Clare Hume : Secretary Allen Hancock, Canadian

National Railways. Meets every

‘Monday at 6.15 at Hlite Cafe.

Canadian Club

President—Dean LL. E. Kirk Secretary—W. J. Young, Mutual Life Insurance Co.

Canadian Club (Women’s)

President—Mrs. James F. Bryant Secretary—Mrs. H. 'L. Saunders, 6 Web- ster Block, 804 MacPherson Ave.

Cara Amica Club

President—Elma Hannah Secretary—Ethel Forsythe, Sask Mutual Fire Stagette Club

President—Edna Loveridge Secretary Gladys Cunningham, Eastlake Avenue Meets every Thursday at 1 Grainger Block, 2 Avenue North.

Saskatoon Wholesale Association 102, 129 1st Street Hast President—Harold Randall Secretary—J. H. LaRoche

Saskatoon Wholsale Implement Association President—E E Jewell Secretary—Geo Sexty

Saskatoon Hotel Keepers Association Secretary—Harry Vossberg

Canadian Manufacturers Association (Saskaton Branch) President—M. A. East Secretary—V. R. Carver

West Side Business Men’s Association Acting President— Secretary—J. W. George

South Side Business Men’s Association President—J. A. Mighton Secretary—D. D. Campbell


Saskatoon Contractors’ Association Bey


President—N. W. Reid Secretary—Hugh Tait

Perfection Lith-—


_Ayersleigh House,

Retail Merchants’ Association (Saskatoon Branch)

President—C. H. Smith Secretary—W. L. McQuarrie

United Commercial Travellers of America

Saskatoon Council No. 445

Secretary-Treasurer—J. R. Fewster 607 Canada Building

North West Commercial Association

John Deere Plow Building Secretary—Fred. J. MacDonald


United Farmers of Canada (Saskatchewan Section) 208 22nd Street E. Secretary—F. Eliason

Town of

Incorporated June list, 1912 Town Hall situated Central Ave.

An incorporated town situated about three miles east of Saskatoon. It is located on Section 35, Tp. 36, Range 5, west of the 3rd Meridian and is a divi- sional point on the Lanigan Section of the Cc. P. R. A large roundhouse and extensive yards are here. Mayor—James Blair

Council—T. H. Quigley, Ae W. H. Pitt, Mrs. FEF. M. McOrmond, D. H. Badger and H. P. Shepherd

Secretary-Treasurer—A. C. Hayden Medical Health Officer—Dr. A. BH. Ross Policeman—George Addison Postmaster—D. H. Badger

Blocks, Building

Alberta Apts., 208 Avenue B North Alexandra Apts., 303 Avenue F South Alsask Apartments, 223 22 Street West (now Congress Court) Altmonte Apartments, 415-417 Queen Anderson Block, 140 Central Ave., Suth- erland (formerly Creasy Block) Argue Block, 626 12 St Argyle Building, 1530 20 Street West Armitage Block, 919 10 Avenue Armouries, 152 Spadina Crescent East Arrand Block, 522 11 Street Avalon Apartments, 206 2 Avenue N. Avenue Block, 220 3 Avenue South Avon Apartments, 315 Avenue K South Ayers Apartments, 104-108 4 Ave. N. 110 4 Avenue North

F, Spark,

Bain Building, 2 23rd Street East

Bank of Montreal Chambers, 105 2 Ave North

Bank of Nova Scotia Building, 135 2nd Ave. §.

Bedford Apts., 236 Avenue H North

Belgian Building, 123 20 Street West

Bell Block, 521 18 Street West

Belleview Apartments, 621 18 Street W.

Belmae Apartments, 445 3 Avenue N.

Birks Building, 165 3 Avenue South

Bovill Block, 544 5 Avenue

Bowerman Block, 130 21 Street Hast

Boy Scouts Hall, 126 Ruth

Braemar Apartments, 511 Queen Street

Brandon Block, 212 2 Avenue North

Bridge Apts., 211 Avenue A South

Briggs Block, 320 2 Avenue North

Britsch Block, 604 Broadway

Butler Block, 235-243 20 Street West

Victorian Order of Nurses Library Building Nurse in Charge—Miss M. Graham

Young Men’s Christian Association 500 Spadina Cres. cor. 20th Street East

President—J. B. Millar Treasurer—W. I. Byers General Secretary—W. H.

Moor Young Women’s Christian Association 24th Street East near Third Ave. N.

General Secretary—Mrs G. Walker Girls Work Secretary—Martha Lang

Saskatoon Council for War Auxiliary Services

Secretary—H. E. Manuel

Chairman—A. J. Trotter





No. 344 Office: 414 20 St. H., Saskatoon Reeve—P. Holland

Actg Secretary-Treas—Winnifred Moore Registrar of Births, Marriages and ‘Death and Commissioner of Oaths, Phone No. 4407.

Councillors—Div. 1: iD, SPs we . Sommerfeld; Div. e James Guy; Div. 4: Wm. Elliot; Div. 5: W. A. Silverwood; Div. 6: Samuel Sutherland.

Council meets second, Thursday of each month,

Ralph F. Haight;

and Apartments

Cahill Block, 313 2 Avenue South California Apartments, 150 2 Avenue S. Cambridge Court, 129 5 Avenue Campbell Block, 315 Aveue G@ South Canada Building, 21 Street and 1 Ave S. Canadian Bank of Commerce Chambers, °215 21 Street Hast Canadian Legion Hall, 305 19 Street EH. Cc. P. R. Building, 115 2 Avenue North Central Chambers, 219 22 Street East Christ Church Hall, 505 Rusholme Rd. Chubb Block, 229 21 Street East City Hall, 23 St. EH. bet 3 and 4 Avenues Clay Block, 834 6 Avenue North Cobbold Block, 147 2 Avenue South Cole Block, 216 2 Avenue South Colonial Apartments, 525 20 Street W. Colthurst Block, 316 6 Avenue North Commercial Block. 319 21 Street East Congress Court (formerly Alsask Apts) 223 22 Street West Connaught Block, 247 3 Avenue South Copeland Block, 830a Broadway Corbett Court, 848 Saskatchewan Cres E Coronation Court, 444 5 Avenue Court House, 340 21 Street East

Creasy Block, 140 Central Ave. (Suther-

land) (now Anderson Block) Crescent Apartments, 129 11 St Crsecent Court, 902 Spadina Crescent E. Crowe Block, 302 25 Street East

D & C Block, 213 2 Avenue South Davis Block, 716 Broadway

Dawson Block, 221 Avenue D South Daymer Apts., 744 Spadina Crescent E. Dominion Bank Building, 116 2 Ave. S. Dorr Block, 409 Main

Drinkle Building No. 2, 106 3. Avenue S. Drinkle Building No. 3, 115 3 Avenue S. Dunham Apartments,~114 4 Avenue S.

Everet Apartments, 619 12 Street Eastlake Apartments, 437 Main Eaton Block, 735 Broadway Elite Block, 244 2 Avenue South Elmore Apartments, 606 Queen Enterprise Block, 233 22 Street Hast Evergreen Lodge, 307 Crescent West

Farnam Block, 650 Broadway Federal Building, i01 22 Street East Ferguson Block, 140 2 Avenue South Francis Block, 524 12 Street

Georgia Apartments, 652 University Dr Gibson Block, 128 22 Street West Glengarry Block, 245 3 Avenue South Golf Block, 169 2 Avenue South Goodyear Building, 302 Pacific Government Telephone Exchange, ist Avenue North Grain Building, 129 21 Street East Grainger Block, 129 2 Avenue North Granville Apartments, 214 Ave B South Great West Saddlery Blk., 403 1 Ave. N. Green Court, 325 25 Street Hast Green Gates Apts., 501-3 4 Avenue N.


Saskatchewan .

Hanson Block (now Hollywood Block) -

236 2 Avenue South Heintzman Hall, 154 2 Avenue South Helgerson Block, 109 2 Avenue South Hilltop Lodge, 327 11 St Hollywood Block 236 2 Avenue South Hopkins Block, 105 20 Street West Hudson-Hssex Block, 240 23 Street E.

Imperial Bank Building, 102 2 Ave. N. Imperial Bank Chambers, 208 22 St. E. I. O. O. F.. Hall, 416 21 Street East Iona Apartments, 228 Avenue I South Tris Apartments, 124 1 Avenue North

Kelsington Apts., 320 Avenue B South Kempthorne Block, 157 2 Avenue South Kewanee Apartments, 502 5 Avenue

Kewatin Apartments, 202 5 Avenue N.

Land Titles: Building, 311 21 Street EH.

Lehrer Block, 114 20 St W

Leland Court, 203 Avenue E North

Library Building, 23 St. opp. City Hall, 708 Broadway and 410 20 Street West

London Building, 256 3 Avenue South

Lucas Block, 120 3 Avenue North

McDougal Apartments, 844 Saskatche- wan Crescent East McEown Block, 215 22 Street West McKague Building, 302 3 Avenue South McKay Block, 219 2 Avenue South McKim Block, 416 23 Street East McLean Building, 267 3 Avenue South MacMillan Building, 135 21 Street Hast Masonic Temple, 404 21 Street Hast Masonic Hall, 104 10 St. (Sutherland) Matthews Block 1003 Victoria Modern Laundry Building, 302 1 Ave. N. Montrose Court, 305 26 Street Hast Moxley Block, 646 Broadway

National Trust Building, 273 2 Ave. Nicholson Apartments, 314 20 Street es

Oddfellows Hall, 416 21 Street Hast Oddfellows Temple, 416 21 Street Hast

Parkview Apartments, 445 5 Avenue N.

Parr Block, 820 Victoria

Pendleton Apartments, 316 22 Street E. People’s Church Hall, 105-109 2 Ave § Pinder Building, 173 2 Avenue South Pitts Apartments, 415-417 Queen St

Poplar Apartments, 203 Poplar Crescent

Post Office, 101 22 Street Hast Priel Block, 214 21 Street Hast

Queen’s Court, 303-305 Queen

Regent Apartments, 310 20 Street East Richmond Court, 17 27 Street West

Rideau Apartments, 427 4 Avenue North River View Apts. No. 1, 426 Spadina Crescent East cs River View Apts. No. 2, 428 Spadina

Crescent East Riviera Apartments, 322 6 Avenue N. Ross Block, 116 3 Avenue South Ross Block, 312 Avenue D South Royal Bank Building 813 Broadway Royal Bank Chambers, 241 2 Avenue S.

St. George’s Hall, 628 Avenue I South St. George’s Parish Hall, 202 Avenue M South 5 St. James Parish Hall, 607 Dufferin Salvation Army Citadel, 231 20 Street E Salvation Army Hall, 425 20 Street W. Shirley Apartments, 99 23 Street East Smith Block, 723 Broadway Somerset Terrace, 312 Avenue C North Sommerfeld Block, 817 Broadway Sons of England Hall, 310 Ave. F South Standard Building, 104 3 Avenue North Stephenson Block, 227 2 Avenue South Stewart Block, 117 20 Street Hast Stratford Block, 118 2 Avenue North Success Block, 218 20 Street West Sussex Block, 107 Avenue B South Sutherland Town Hall, s s Con Ave. (Sutherland)

Taylor Block, 611-615 McPherson Ave.

Tees & Persse Building, 331 1 Ave. N.

Thode Apartments, 832 University Drive

Toronto General Trusts Bldg., 170 2nd Avenue South

Travellers Block, 228 3 Avenue South

Tucker Block, 270 2 Avenue South

Victory Apartments, 208 Ave B North

-Webb Block, 222 25 Street East


Webster Block, 804 McPherson Westview Apartments 232 Ave C North Wheatley Block, 155 2 Avenue South Wilbur Court, 326 6 Avenue North Woodland Apartments, 821 Hastlake

ce Building, 158 2 Avenue North M. C. A., 500-506 Spadina Crescent BE. ¥ Wes: ‘AG 220 24 Street East

Zenith Academy Block, 23 St BE


Henderson’s Saskatoon


Street and Avenue Directory

ADELAIDE ST. (Nutana) From Lorne runs east to City Limits.

112 McCreary Robt J 114 Halabura Carl 116 ‘Robinson Harry*

AIRD ST. (Nutana) From Clarence Ave (Gov- ernment Rd. Allowance) runs east to City Limits Clarence Ave (Govt. Rd)

1001 Raymond A C*

Guest Regd .

(1005 Edmunds F H*

1006 Sawyer Alvin M*

1007 Vick Edgar J*

1008 Haugen Hermans Mills Arth Bryce Geo Edwards G H*

Holmes Dr J M Ferrier Norman Baker S W

Shaver John E*

1022 Haslam Newman

1023 Siemens Julius J *

Ledingham R J

Popham Geo W**

1027 Hordern P S*®

Underwood Edwin

1031 ‘Robertson G D

Arnason Thos

1034 Turner Ernest

Wilde Chas

1036 Carson Geo

1038 Wall Chas E

1040 Winter Frank E*« McKinnon Ave

Joyce John

Olsen Mrs Mabel*

1127 Mawdsley J Monroe Ave intersects

#1207 McGowan James 'R

1221 Smith Laurence

1225 Hogg James*%

1227 Barton Harry B Wiggins Ave intersects

ALBERT AVE. (Nutana) From Temperance Street runs south to Main St. 101 Davis Mrs Mabel* 103 Smith Harry W*

Mowat Sinclair

109 Welch Arth*®

Miller Robt K

Gilbert Edw J*%

Fraser I Matheson*%

Diefenbaker Wm T*

Thompson Jos H*

Ross Walter%

Gilroy John A

Jenkin James

127 Campbell G Millar*%

Brown L C%

Colony St intersects

201 Van Vliet Hadley*%


203 Roberts David*® 207 Gillies Mrs E Fe 209 MacIver Dr M L 211 Fowkes Vernon 213 Edelman Fred% 217 Willsmore §

219 Fenton H R

219 Hillyard Leonard 15th St intersects Meadows Walters Vacant

303 Art J Blair*®&

305 Smith Wm EH

306 Chertkow I

307 Crossman Roy Mx* 308 Gerrie Howards 309 Bradbrooke. Geo H* 310 Lancefield S Hx 311 Armstrong Jerrold 312 Carr Geo G*

314 Blackhall Mrs H H 316 Crowe Chas Fx 316 Kerr Danl

316 Duck Robt

317 Cronkite Fred C 320 Stewart Jas Li 320 Bowles A R

14th St intersects Laing Fred L Usher E L Bigelow Victor Lucas Isaac Lothian John M*% > Blyth Davids

407 Roberts M+*&

408 Wood Frank* Margolis Max S* 410 Wilson Allan S*® Leith Robt § Arnason A P*% McLusker Wm* Walker Wm BE*®% Quance Frank®

§ Steeves Geo A Dermott Mrs Margt*% Fallon J E

420 Allely J S iM

13th St intersects

McDonald Graham+ Hamlin H V* Guild James D 506 Price Chas H*% 507 Meyers Howard SLE Garroller Mpg a Dyed: 511 Hilton Wm R 512 Ross Mrs ® J 513 Hagles Brenton D*® 514 Beattie J Jx& 515 Davis Wm J% 516 Macaskill Mrs Effie 516 Smith Mrs Be 518 Vacant 520 Duntord Hdw W 521 Gray Russel Ex 522 Eby Elias E

12th St intersects 601 Branscombe B Dx 602 Friebel W Asx

301 302

604 Stechishin Julius W* 605 Young Wm J*% 606 House Kenneth 607 Léach Mrs A J 608 Holtet Mrs B M 609 Hklund P A 610 Garvie Ernest 610 Cameron Mrs May 610 Harris C J 610 Baugh E 611 Jones Ernest 612 Sewell Thos O*% 613 Olive Mrs Anna M** 614 Campbell Wms 615 Levenick Mrs Martha 616 \Hlsley Mrs L Ee 619 Burrows Stewart 619 Mallory Wm Tx 620 Moss Harold C% llth St intersects 701 Cavers Mrs Alma 702 Holler David 703 Colwell Fred*® 704 McBain Lauchlan Lo 705 Horn R J 706 Rose Frank 707 Thurston John W* 708 Scott Lyon V* 710 Iversen Rev Dr Iver 1711 Blakeley ‘Roy T 714 Munn Wm G 716 Beynon Mrs Jennie* 718 Witt Joseph 720 Smyth Jos W* 10th St intersects Main St intersects 9th St intersects Sain M Beatty Wesley Sth St intersects 5th St intersects e s Haultain School Srd St intersects 1917 Mason Douglas Scott St intersects Isabella St intersects Hilliard St here 2220 Billings Gerald

1014 1016

ALEXANDRA AVENUE (Nutana). From sth St. runs north and south to City Limits.

1807 Chestnut Mrs Martha

ALEXANDRA AVENUE From Oxford Street runs