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Now Greatly Reduces Serious Risks to Your Health.

Lights: 100's Men, Box 9 mg "tar; ().7 mg.nicotine- Kings Men, Box 10 mg “tar 0:7 mg nicotine Kings &100's Box Ото "tar; 0.8 mg nicotine: 100's Soft. 1 img “tar? 1,8. mgnicotine-MediumsKings Box

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Marlboro Country. Where time stands still and rivers run




| Воск by popular demand. It’s the Polk center channel giveaway. And it's even better than the last time. Use Polk has taken the award-winning CS100 and improved it. Introducing the CS150.

purchase any pair of Polk speakers for your front channel (S4s or greater in value) and any other pair of

Polk speakers for the rear, and the new CS150 center channel speaker is yours absolutely free.

Think of it. Not only do you save $199, but this center channel speaker is based on Polk’s

new breakthrough technology, Dynamic Balance™. The same technology used in the

critically acclaimed Polk S and LS series loudspeakers to assure you of sonic purity. And that means vocals and other center channel information are distortion free

and lifelike, adding to the realism of on-screen action and dialogue. But beyond the outstanding acoustic qualities of the CS150, there is the Gcement flexibility its design offers. Its low-profile allows it to blend unobtrusively with your TV. On

Im flexibility.

jeneath it, or even beside it, the uniquely angled cabinet lets you focus the image to your

Unlike other center channel speakers that use only magnetic shielding to prevent video 5150's driver baskets are engineered in a non-magnetic material. Guaranteeing no picture

‘ation. SHIELDED MW4800 our surround sound experience, is the fact that all five DANES NP ince they all have the same sonic characteristics, you ion of surround sound encoded video.

g new speakers, go all the way and surround


through March 31, 1994. After that, this


g D e . e . . . e e . . LI e 2. б . E .

Unlike other shielded drivers, Polk's new video driver is engineered to guarantee no video interference.



Get a free trunk and glove compartment.

The 3-CD in-dash changer receiver.

Having a multi-disc CD changer in your car has always meant gung up valuable space in your trunk or glove compartment. Inti W.

_ JvC scores with a triple play, a three-disc CD changer receiver that fits smartly into your dashboard to give you everything in car stereo without sacrifice.

With the KD-GT7, you've got it all. Three CDs totally out of sight but right at your fingertips, brilliant sound reproduction,

JVC quality, and a place to keep your gloves. tee gm $

ы 4

Cover A Home THX sound system might include these Boston Acoustics speakers, the Lexicon CP-3 controller, and the Carver TFM-35x power amp. The TV set here is a 27-inch Toshiba CN-27C90. For details, see Tomlinson Holman’s special report beginning on page 54.

Photograph by Roberto Brosan

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Equipment Test Reports ...... | Denon AVR-800 A/V receiver, page 32

Sherwood CDC-5030R CD changer, page 38 Cerwin-Vega VS-100 loudspeaker system, page 44 Panasonic 3DO Multiplayer, page 46 р?

User's Report............... Boston Acoustics Home THX loudspeaker system by David Ranada р 4

Home THX ................. Lucasfilm's approach to

bringing the theater experience home by Tomlinson Holman 07

Systems........... A/V underground

* by Bob Ankosko

Picture Perfect ..... iji A basic guide to better

video * by David Ranada 11

A Laserdisc Starter Set .......

Ten top discs to feed that new player * by Rad Bennett 0 1

CES Showstoppers ........... Hot new products from the 1994 Winter Consumer Electronics Show by Bob Ankosko

ae on oul

Has the twentieth century finally caught up with him? by David Patrick Stearns

Best Recordings 8l of the Month ...............

A little soul-searching from Bonnie Raitt,

a smart blast of pop from Redd Kross, a classic Mahler Fifth from Claudio Abbado, and refreshing Mendelssohn from Frederic Chiu




Dolby Labs is offering a 48- minute video primer entitled Consumer Guide to Home Theatre. The VHS tape, which includes advice on setting up a multichannel system, can be ordered direct for $19.95, plus $2.50 for shipping and handling; call 1-800-241-4115.

MOVIE MUSIC ON CD When the Recording Industry Association of America tallied sales figures for 1993, the soundtrack for The Bodyguard, containing six new songs by Whitney Houston, emerged as the top seller of the year with 10 million copies. . . . The hit movie Philadelphia begins with Bruce Springsteen's Streets of Philadelphia and ends with Neil Young's closing theme, Philadelphia, which are the first songs these two artists have written and performed specifically for use in a film. Both are on Epic's release of music from the picture, which also includes performances by Peter Gabriel, Sade, the Spin Doctors, and others. A second Philadelphia album from Epic includes Howard Shore's orchestral score plus operatic arias sung by Maria Callas and Lucia Popp. ... A star has been placed in Hollywood's Walk of Fame for the French composer Maurice Jarre, whose Oscar credits include Lawrence of Arabia (1962), Doctor Zhivago (1965), and A Passage to

India (1984).


Now you can jam along with your favorite songs using the Key ($400), a guitar-shaped synthesizer from Lonestar Technologies that lets you select which instrument— bass guitar, lead guitar, etc.—you want to "play" and then simply strum along. Specially encoded videotapes and CD's send data containing the melody and chords to the Key—all



“TARNISHED” CD'S TURN UP PDO Discs, a Philips-owned CD pressing plant in Blackburn, England, has announced that a "small number" of CD's it

manufactured in the late Eighties are susceptible to

tarnishing that may disrupt a CD player's ability to read them. The faulty discs, which have a reflective layer made of silver instead of the more common aluminum, tend to exhibit a dark bronze-like tint and bear the words "Made in the U.K.

by PDO” near the spindle hole.

PDO has set up a hotline in the U.K. (0800 387063) to help owners of suspect CD's pressed at that facility. Discs that are found to be defective will be replaced, and data from hotline calls will be used in research on the degradation process.

According to PDO's Dave Wilson, there are no plans for a hotline in the U.S. “A small number of titles are affected, and

within those titles a small number of discs," he said. He termed U.S. distribution of the flawed discs "unlikely" but didn't rule out the possibility that some may turn up here, noting that two calls from the U.S. were received during the

hotline's first few weeks of operation.

Wilson said PDO presses discs for a number of labels, including PolyGram. He declined to identify specific titles that may be affected but said the problem has turned up in

both pop and classical releases.

you have to provide is the rhythm. Atlantic Records is releasing several Key- encoded music videos, including Strange Brew featuring Eric Clapton.


Members of the Stiv Bators fan club will be happy to know that the 1981 film Polyester, in which Bators made his movie debut in the role of Bo-Bo Belsinger, has

been released on laserdisc in the prestigious Criterion Collection. Starring Tab Hunter and Divine, Polyester was directed by the cult figure John Waters. To recreate in home video the Odorama effects of the theatrical presentation of Polyester, a scratch-and-sniff card containing ten fragrances keyed to significant plot events is enclosed with each disc.

Bators, the lead singer of the punk band Dead Boys, made only one other movie, Tapeheads (1989), before his untimely death in a traffic accident in Paris in 1990. Tapeheads is available on VHS tape from Pacific Arts Video.


Keith Olsen, the producer behind such pop acts as Fleetwood Mac, Foreigner, and Heart, has launched the Kore Group label, which will specialize in music CD's recorded in Dolby Surround. The first release is a 16- minute disc of Emerson, Lake, and Palmer's new studio recording of their “Pictures at an Exhibition,” which is available direct for $6.99, plus $1.50 for shipping and handling. Call 1-800-241-4115 to order.


The annual High-End Hi-Fi Show sponsored by Stereophile magazine will be held April 29 through May 1 at the Doral Resort and Country Club in Miami. Call 505-982-2366 for details. ... Cerwin-Vega, the largest family-owned speaker company in America, is celebrating its fortieth anniversary. ... Collins USA, the maker of tube-type car subwoofers based in Costa Mesa, California, has introduced two "budget" powered subwoofers for home use.

ECOLOGICALLY SOUND Hollywood Records has released the first album recorded and mixed entirely with solar energy, "Alternative NRG,” featuring such well-known performers as Annie Lennox, Sonic Youth, R.E.M, and U2. Even the wrapping and packaging have been declared ecologically correct. Sales benefit Greenpeace, a noted organization of environmental activists.



\ `

} é That's because Ы

most speaker manufacturers don't build their own drivers, the components

S \ that produce the sound. Instead, they buy off-the-shelf parts and struggle to \ reconfigure them for Home Theater. 1 | Celestion’s Shield Series was created specifically to suit Home Theater [^

applications, both acoustically and aesthetically. They employ Celestion- designed, magnetically-shielded drivers, integrated into elegant cabinets P. using proprietary construction technologies.

Compare each Celestion Shield model with any comparably CELESTION priced so-called Home Theater speaker. Immediately, you will realize...


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Cable/VCR Compatibility

n January’s “3 Hi-Fi VCR’s,” Edward Foster mentioned that some cable sys- tems scramble everything they transmit, re- quiring the use of an external decoder for descrambling and channel selection, but he said that this may end soon thanks to a re- cently proposed FCC ruling to insure cable- box/VCR compatibility. Do the provisions of the proposed ruling mean that if and when it is passed I will be able to do away with my cable box and select all the chan- nels I am paying for with the tuners in my TV and VCR? When will this happen, and will it apply to all cable systems? GEORGE L. FECHTER Moncks Corner, SC

We're not certain exactly when the cable- compatibility issue will finally be put to rest, though it does now appear that it will be forced to some resolution. It is very likely that whatever solution is adopted will be ef- fective only for new TV sets and VCR's de- signed specifically to take advantage of it.

Sinatra's "Duets"

ardon me, but has Steve Simels listened

to Frank Sinatra's “Duets” album? Be- fore I listened, I too had serious doubts about The Voice, believing like Mr. Simels that Sinatra was "simply years past it," and I was also disturbed because his celebrity vo- cal partners were dubbed in after the original recording sessions. My doubts vanished, however, the first time I listened to “Duets,” and my appreciation has increased with fur- ther listening. Mr. Simels has every right to dislike it, but his description of it as an “un holy mess” in his cruel and inept tirade in the February issue makes me angry. His bombastic writing is the real “unholy mess.”

That the vocal collaborators were not in the studio at the same time as Sinatra turns out to be irrelevant. Mr. Simels’s statement that they were “. .. more or less reduced to filling in the blanks Sinatra deigned to leave for them" is erroneous. In fact, with mini- mal exceptions, Sinatra recorded each song in its entirety with a live orchestra, and the celebrity vocalists were free to add their own contributions where they desired. When Bar- bra Streisand recorded the line, “You make me blush, Francis," Sinatra responded by rerecording a line to say, “I have got a crush, my Barbra, on you."

It seems to me that Mr. Simels must have imagined how the album was going to sound and then heard it with a totally closed mind. He then proceeded to “review” it with all of the maturity and eloquence of an average high-schooler. KENNETT W. SAARI

Spring Lake Heights, NJ


he worst record Frank Sinatra ever made

is better than any garbage that passes as music today. When will these smart-aleck "reviewers" learn there is something be- sides the current muck? When anything de- cent comes along, they can't wait to trash it. EARL JENKINS

Covington, KY

feel compelled to respond to Steve Sim- els's ignoble review of Frank Sinatra's “Duets.” Is Mr. Simels aware that “Duets” is on its way to becoming Mr. Sinatra's best-selling recording? Davip Е. LYNCH Upper Darby, PA

wr is Steve Simels’s problem? His

comments about Frank Sinatra’s “Du- ets” defy comprehension.


Wethersfield, CT

Looking for Stereo AM

aniel Kumin’s “Getting It All Togeth- er” (February) included a paragraph about AM radio, and he mentioned that “a few home receivers can now decode” stereo AM broadcasts. I have not been able to lo- cate any such receiver, only a couple of very expensive separate tuners. I was informed by one manufacturer that there are at least five different broadcast specifications for stereo AM (one of which, I presume, is called AMAX), and that even if I could find a receiver with stereo-AM capability, it would not necessarily be able to decode the stereo signals broadcast by my local AM station, WQEW. I called WQEW, and even they were unable to help me. Can you? JACK BENVENT Ridgewood, NJ

The article should have said “tuners” rather than “receivers.” Although there were initi- ally a number of broadcast standards for stereo AM, by far the most widely used one —and the only one for which you will find receiving equipment—is the Motorola C- QUAM system. AMAX is an enhanced per- formance standard for AM broadcasting and reception, not a stereo-transmission scheme.

| generally enjoy your magazine very much, but I believe the music review section is weakened by its limited format. Since you have only one reviewer per item, obviously the tone of any review depends heavily on one critic’s musical taste and background, or even his mood. Okay, I can live with that. In the January issue, Ron Givens’s review of Heart’s “Desire Walks On” was, at best,

Even Orson Welles

A new reason to be afraid of the da brings the drama of home theater to your fingertips. Crunching footsteps behind you. Laser beams shooting Preprogrammed DSP(Digital Signal Processing) modes over your head. Just a typical night at home with Adcom's such as Concert Hall, Nightclub, Stadium and Five-

home theater GTP-600 tuner/preamplifier. At Adcom’s Channel Stereo surround, let you create a variety of cus- level of critically acclaimed performance it doesn’t just tom-tailored, psychoacoustically correct listening environ- produce surround ments. sound. It creates effects These features cou- that are out of this ple ideally with the world. GTP-600's advanced, The award-winning programmable remote GTP-600 and an Adcom which lets you com- power amplifier give mand up to eight addi- you the control to create a sonic experience that surpasses tional system components for complete home theater anything you’ ve ever heard in a movie theater. control. Award-winning technology takes Surround yourself now at your Adcom dealer. you to the outer limits. Preview the new GTP-600 tuner/preamplifier at your

Providing switching for up to four video sources authorized Adcom dealer today. But be careful, you might want to leave the lights on.

and four audio sources, the GTP-600 gives you helen pe gl pe Gud T IR dE "Lege . + . ‘Dolby TO с are trade marks of Dolby Laboratories Licensin; ation the flexibility to customize your audio/video s is 2 с

р system for years to come. Composite ог m S-video connections provide a high definition NE signal path for maximum video quality. And with features like Adcom's exclusive Cinema Surround

circuitry and Dolby Pro Logic? decoding, the GTP-600

©1994 ADCOM ә

details you can hear

11 Elkins Road, East Brunswick, NJ 08816 U.S.A. (908) 390-1130. Distributed in Canada by PRO ACOUSTICS INC. Montréal, Québec (514) 344-1226


well off base. Okay, I could have lived with

that—I knew his opinion was not even close

to reality. But in your February issue, you

listed it among the ten worst pop albums of 1993. That was unacceptable.


Yonkers, NY

hose idea was it to put Meat Loaf’s

“Bat Out of Hell П” in the ten worst albums of the year? I think it’s one of the greatest ever. It surely doesn’t deserve to be on anyone’s ten-worst list. GREG CRUCE Fredonia, KY

hile you techno-weenies have been measuring waveforms and counting watts, the rest of the world has been using the equipment you review to listen to mu- sic. Your inclusion of U2’s “Zooropa” in your “Disgraceland: The 10 Worst Pop Al- bums of 1993” illustrates the depths of your ignorance. STEVEN MARTIN Boston, MA

Speaker Sound and Location

ulian Hirsch wrote in his February test

report on the RDL Acoustics F-1 and FS- 1 speakers that they had essentially the same “truly excellent” performance when each was placed as recommended, but that he heard differences in their sound. (Although otherwise identical, the F-1 is optimized for

placement near a wall, the FS-1 for place- ment on a floor away from the walls.)

Mr. Hirsch is correct, and this difference was to be expected. Although their different designs enabled each speaker to inject smooth power into the room at their differ- ent locations, a speaker cannot control how the room distributes that power. The fact that their locations were different meant that the room resonance modes were excit- ed differently, and therefore that the spec- tral balance produced would not be the same at a given listener location. An even greater difference in sound would occur if identical speakers were placed at these dif- ferent locations, because their power outputs would then be different also. ROY ALLISON

RDL Acoustics Inc. Bellingham, MA

he reason for conflicting results using two baluns wired back-to-back for hum reduction (February “Letters”) is that there are two different ways these little devices are wired. One type will still have a com- mon ground if a pair is wired back-to-back and will not work for hum isolation. There are many brands and models of balun, and the only reliable way I know of to tell which is which is with an ohmmeter or continuity tester. Том FORD Campbell, CA

ow can I obtain the MAGIC box from Mondial Designs described in Peter Mitchell’s “Getting the Hum Out” (Novem- ber 1993)? I live in San Diego, and it seems impossible to find it here. DAVID ZAHIRI Encinitas, CA

You can write to Mondial Designs at 2 Elm St., Ardsley, NY 10502.

ur February review of the DGX Digital

Deconvolution Audio System misstat- ed its price. The correct price is $1,995 for systems with loudspeakers finished in medi- um-oak woodgrain vinyl, $2,195 for sys- tems finished in rosewood veneer.

Our March review of the Yamaha CX-2 A/V preamplifier erroneously described its loudness compensation, which works by at- tenuating the midrange and, to a lesser ex- tent, the treble. Also, the back-panel control connection for Yamaha MX-1 and MX-2 power amplifiers actually turns these ampli- fiers оп and off. We regret these errors. О

We welcome your letters. Please address correspondence to Editor, Stereo Review, 1633 Broadway, New York, NY 10019. You should include your address and telephone number for verification. Letters may be edited for clarity and length.

SHOCKINGLY DEEP BASS. Add our SUB-712 powered subwoofer to your system and you'll be struck by the impact of its low end. Call 1-800-878-TIME.



The best system for the videophile is now the only choice for the audiophile. Kinergetics Research introduces the High Performance тати Home Theatre™ к>

(HPHT) system.

Products that unite all of the features, flexibility and superb performance that both have been


For the videophile, convienent remote control

audio/video switching

and built-in surround

analyzer set up. THX? and Dolby®

For the audiophile,

20-bit digital to analog conversion, pure

class “A” circuitry, and our exclusive KDP Hystersis Canceling Circuitry.

Visit a Kinergetics Research dealer near you and experience HPHT.

Pro-Logic theatre effects so real that the upgradeable DSP technology on which they are based is destined to become the industry standard.

KSP-2 Surround/Stereo Processor

KSP-3 Source/Switching Processor

KBA-280 140 W/Ch Pure Class “A” Power Amplifier


4260 Charter Street, Vernon, CA 90058-2596 213/582-9349 * Fax: 213/582-9434

Dolby Pro-Logic is a trademark of Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation. THX is a registered trademark of Lucas Arts Entertainment Company. CIRCLE NO. 45 ON READER SERVICE CARD

A little voice tells you to buy NHT.

Gun shots and screeching tires don't tell a story, story, from spoken word to subtle sound effect. And they're just the punctuation. Movies are mostly dialog. when the script calls for a nuclear blast, you'll think So before you buy your home theater speakers, audition you're sitting at ground zero. МНТ home theater you МНТ. Our critically acclaimed systems deliver the whole really should hear what people are saying.


Now Hear This, Inc., 535 Getty Court, Bldg. A, Benicia, CA 94510 For the МНТ dealer nearest you: (U.S.) call 1-800-NHT-9993; (Canada) Artech Electronics Ltd., (514) 631-6448



AUDIO CONTROL Audio Control's C-101 Series III equalizer/analyzer combines a pink-noise generator, a real-time spectrum analyzer with adjustable resolution and an outboard calibrated microphone, and a ten-band stereo graphic equalizer in one standard-width

are spaced one octave apart, starting at 32 Hz, and grouped in stereo pairs. The unit has a selectable infrasonic filter and carries a five-year warranty. Price: $459. Audio Control, Dept. SR, 22410 70th Ave. W., Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043.

= фое HOBO IX

component. Equalizer controls * Circle 120 on reader service card SENNHEISER The heart of Sennheiser's IS 450 rechargeable NiCd batteries, wireless headphone system which are said to provide up to

is an AC-powered infrared 8 hours of continuous listening transmitter/emitter designed to per charge. Price: $249. saturate a 375-square-foot room. Sennheiser, Dept. SR, P.O. Box The headset has a volume 987, Old Lyme, CT 06371. control and is powered by two © Circle 121 on reader service card


Part of B&W’s 2000 Series of audio/video speakers, the Model 2000 IFS center-channel speaker combines two magnetically shielded 5-inch woofers and a 1-

used, one above and the other below the screen, to center the sound vertically as well as horizontally. Frequency response

is given as 95 Hz to 20 kHz +3 dB.

inch tweeter in a 17%-inch-wide Price: $199. B&W Loudspeakers,

vented enclosure designed for Dept. SR, P.O. Box 8, North placement on a TV set (as shown) Reading, MA 01864-0008. or below it. A pair can be also * Circle 122 on reader service card

PARADIGM Paradigm's Mk3 Performance Low-frequency limits are Series includes four speakers: given as 32, 34, 32, and 28 Hz, from left, the 334-inch-tall respectively, all within +2 dB. Model 5seMk3 ($529 a pair), the Finish options are oak or black- 3454-inch-tall 7seMk3 ($629 a ash vinyl veneer. Distributed by pair), the 37-inch-tall 9seMk3 AudioStream, Dept. SR, P.0. Box ($729 a pair), and the 4312-inch- 2410, Niagara Falls, NY 14302. tall 11seMk3 ($1,049 a pair). * Circle 123 on reader service card




Nordost’s 12-gauge-equivalent Super Flatline cable is designed for biwired speaker systems. Thinner than a dime so it can be laid under a rug or carpet and said to be extremely durable, it features sixteen Teflon- encapsulated copper conductors. Price: $20 per meter. Nordost, Dept. SR, 58 Pearl St., Framingham, MA 01701.

* Circle 124 on reader service card


Alpine’s Model 5960 six-disc car CD changer, measuring only 10 x 2% x 6 inches, can be installed under a seat or in the glove box of many vehicles. Its new tray-type magazine and sliding play mechanism reduce disc-change

ALLISON ACOUSTICS » The home-theater-oriented NL Series from Allison Acoustics includes, from left, the NL 654 two-way surround speaker ($280), the NL 5400 subwoofer ($460), and the NL 1440 two-way front-channel speaker ($330). The 13'2-inch-tall NL 654 uses a 6- inch woofer and has a low- frequency limit of 58 Hz. Measuring 19 x 21% x 19 inches,


time to 8 seconds. An Alpine CD controller or head unit with changer controls is required for operation. Price: $420. Alpine, Dept. SR, 19145 Gramercy PI., Torrance, CA 90501.

Circle 126 on reader service card

the NL 5400 has a 12-inch driver and is rated down to 28 Hz. The 18%2-inch-tall NL 1440 features an 8-inch woofer and is rated down to 41 Hz. All are magnetically shielded, finished in black lacquer, and covered by full five-year warranties. Allison Acoustics, Dept. SR, 478 Stanford Ave., Danville, KY 40422.

Circle 128 on reader service card


Progressive Design offers five Roll-Up CD Towers: clockwise

from left, the 69-inch-tall RUCD- 220 ($200) and RUCD-110 ($120),

the 44-inch-tall RUCD-132

($130) and RUCD-066 ($80), and

the 29-inch-tall RUCD-088 ($100). Progressive Design, Dept. SR, 310 County Line Rd., Bensenville, IL 60106.

* Circle 125 on reader service card


The deluxe version of Media Vision's Memphis multimedia upgrade system for desktop computers features two detachable Bose speakers, each of which houses a 272-іпсһ wide-range driver and an amplifier/equalizer. The system

includes a double-speed CD-ROM drive with preamplifier, an interface card, connecting cables, and two CD-ROM's. Price: $1,299. Media Vision, Dept. SR, 47300 Bayside Parkway, Fremont, CA 94538.

* Circle 127 on reader service card

into an audio extra large.

You've never heard anything like this. dynamic range (both exceed 90 decibels). As a re-

With Sensurround" Home Theater you won’tjust sult, you'll feel violent explosions as well as violin

be surrounded by sound, you'll be solos. On that note, Sensurround

enveloped, involved, and like never speakers are well-suited to music.

before, entertained. Cerwin- So you don’t need separate

Vega originally designed speakers for audio and video.

Sensurround (with MCA?) to What you will need is an AV

bring deep bass into movie receiver with Dolby Pro Logic

Im ti

9934 dads

houses. Now we can bring it and a fairly large screen TV.

{Winner Of The 1992 Design And Engineering Award}

into your house. Our 5-piece speak- Not to mention, a tub of Orville


er system for direct-view televisions ^ Redenbacher s anda ticket booth.

(pictured here) and 7-piece system for projection Cerwin-Vega Sensurround. It makes big screen tele-

TVs give you extremely high sensitivity and wide vision, positively huge. ЖЕН CIRCLE NO. 23 ON READER SERVICE CARD ©1993 Cerwin-Vega, Inc. For our free color catalog, please write to us at Cerwin-Vega, 555 East Easy Street, Simi Valley, California 93065, or call 805-584-9332.


The CDC-815 CD player is built around Denon’s Super Linear D/A conversion circuitry, which is designed to eliminate zero-cross distortion and improve linearity at low levels. For those who like to sing along with CD’s, the player has a digital pitch control

that’s adjustable in 0.1-percent increments over a range of +12

STILLWATER DESIGNS Stillwater’s Kicker Substation car subwoofers include the KSR120 (left, $429) and KSR100 ($379), featuring a 12- or 10-inch driver in ported cabinets 31 or 25 inches long. The KSR120’s bandwidth is given as 36 to 129 Hz and power


ALTEC LANSING Altec Lansing’s Model 120 speaker is designed for surround- channel use in a home theater system. Its quasi-dipole driver configuration mates a 5‘2-inch woofer with two side-firing 3-inch drivers in an 1112-inch-tall cabinet finished in black vinyl. Frequency response is given as 100 Hz to 7 kHz +3 dB. Price: $250 a pair. Altec Lansing, Dept. SR, Р.0. Box 277, Milford, PA 18337-0277.

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percent. Other features include

a twenty-track program memory, a headphone jack with a separate level control, a coaxial digital output, and a remote control. Signal-to-noise ratio is given as 107 dB. Price: $300. Denon, Dept. SR, 222 New Road, Parsippany, NJ 07054.

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handling as 200 watts, the

KSR100's as 39 to 130 Hz and 250

watts. Both models come with mounting hardware. Stillwater Designs, Dept. SR, P.O. Box 459, Stillwater, OK 74076.

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Coast's LP-size CD Album ($25) has a cushioned-vinyl cover and holds forty-eight CD's and their liner notes in soft-plastic sleeves. The twelve-page binder-type album can be expanded using six-

PERREAUX Among the components New Zealand's Perreaux is banking on to re-establish itself in the U.S. are the EP3 preamplifier (top, $845), with six inputs and a phono section, and the E110

power amplifier ($1,095), rated to

page refill packs ($9.95) that hold twenty-four discs with liner notes. Coast Manufacturing, Dept. SR, 200 Corporate Blvd. S., Yonkers, NY 10701.

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deliver 100 watts per channel into 8 ohms, or 160 watts into 4 ohms, with 0.003 percent distortion at 1 kHz. Perreaux Technologies America, Dept. SR, P.0. Box 248, Buffalo, NY 14225-0248.

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SWV: Stone Temple Sting: Ten The Beavis & Butt- It's About Time Pilots: Core Summoner's Tales Head Experience (RCA) 00151 (Atlantic) 00981 (A&M) 01334 (Geffen) 01571 R.E.M.: Automatic Lee Ritenour: Bobby Brown: John Hiatt: Perfectly For The People Wes Bound Remixes In The Key Good Guitar (Warner Bros.) 00121 (САР) 01327 Of B (MCA) 01611 (A&M) 10306 Billie Holiday: - Lyle Lovett: Joshua Billie's Best Judges Ruth (Verve) 00135 (MCA/Curb) 10508 Garth Brooks: jolly Cole Trio: : Live: Е The Chase Don't Smoke Іп Вей Way WeWalk Voli Get A Grin, (бету) 00141 (Manhattan) 10776 (Atlantic) 02033 (Geffen) 20814 + Red Hot Chili Jackson Browne: Peppers: The Pretender En Vogue: Iron Maiden: ЕМ!) 00144 (eet (Саз Wes үү ) (Capito ) E ( 144 * ast West America) tol Elton John: Greatest 7 The Capitol Blue” 20919 Soul Asylum: Hits 1976-1986 The Bost Or ace Mary Raby кчы) Note Years (Blue Vince Gill: | Still And The Horse (MCA) 00150 дов Соски (серо) Те ИТҮ епк Note) 11000 Believe In You Rode In On (Uptown) 01612 e . . (MCA) 21063 (A&M) 25339 AC/DC: Live Moody Blues: Wu-Tang Clan: ри y Group: (Atlantic) 00201 Moody Piusa: 'u-Tang Clan: The Road To You- ig Enter The Wu-Tang Live in Europe Neil Young: Rocks With The (RCA) 01613 * (Geffen) 11059 Harvest Moon Colorado Symphony G J s (Reprise) 00208 Orchestra Hinh Tech Redneck Peter Gabriel: 3 (Polydor) 01339 Les Dec Shaking The Tree- The Doors: (MCA) 01614 16 Golden Greats L.A. Woman James Brown: 20 ‘i: (Geffen) 11089 (Elektra) 00215 All-Time Greatest e ol- Diary У а ме ААда ШЫ» dessen отот, Rena Capitol Years Invitation Ralph resvant: Pari 1 1 330 i i) ini